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Miracles in the Blasting Heat

So first of all I have a temple day coming up in a couple of weeks so don’t go calling the police when I don’t email you. Maybe 2 weeks, I can’t remember.

But this week was really cool, we saw a lot of miracles amidst the blasting heat. My Canadian companion cannot take it here at all. Haha we ‘bicker’ back and forth about Canada and America all the time. Like one time I said something like, ” Well, we can just use 2 stones for 1 bird.” And he was like, ” That’s what they do in America right?” Kinda got me on that one. BUT I redeemed myself. Last week I got this airfreshener that you put in your car that looks like a tree but it was an American Flag. I put it in our room and my companion couldn’t take the smell so I said, ” Ya, freedom takes a while to get used to, its an acquired smell.” BOOM. I still can’t believe I am spending July 4th with a Canadian though….

Our golden investigator Brother W is doing really well.  He went to China this week and the day before he left we went and visited him. He was just a little frazzled with the whole situation about his wife and getting baptized quick, and he takes a long time to be able to read the BOM and understand it. We gave him a blessing and it was one of the coolest moments ever. I literally felt like there was just pure power flowing through us into him. After it was done he was almost crying just thanking us sooo much for everything we did for him. We left and just said, ” THAT is why we are here. THAT is our purpose.”   All the rainy days and doors slammed in our face and all the grandma’s yelling at us-  it’s all worth it after an experience like that. Please keep him in your prayers.

There was also another really cool experience we had yesterday with a Canadian we came across on the street. He is here teaching English, and has been prepared for this gospel for a long time. He said how he can’t find peace in his life.  He came all the way to Taiwan to try and find it and just doesn’t seem to be able to find it. Asked us what the hardest thing we have ever had to go through was, and it was the first time I have been able to explain it in english for a year. Chinese is great and all, but its just really hard to get sincere meaning across. It was really good, talked alot about what I did in my fairwell talk. Went really well, but he will be meeting with the English Elders now…

That is about it, happy July 4th  MURICA 🙂


Elder Mansell


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