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Most beautiful place on earth

So as all of you know, last Friday 2 Elders were found dead in their apartment. We still don’t know all the details, whether it was carbon monoxide or just a gas leak, but everyone here is absolutely shocked. I heard members talking about it and I thought it was the gas leak in Ankang […]

Clean Water

August 17, 2014   So we just moved everything into the apartment with the 2 other Elders in our district. Its a squish but hey, at least the water is clean. Had to pack 2 times in like 3 weeks, but its super fun living with other missionaries. One of them is new, and his […]

Hello from Paradise

Wow it was a fast week down here in the celestial kingdom. This place really is just soooo amazing. We also had some cool things happen this week. There was a Morphis family from Canada that came to Taiwan to do some dancing and performing thing at a lot of the chapels but we couldn’t […]


August 3, 2014 From what happened this week, I know that the Lord loves me, cause I got sent down to the paradise city of TAIDONG!!!! It is soooo awesome down here.  It’s a 6 hour train ride from Taipei, and it is gorgeous!!! Oh my heavens I love this place already, the pictures I […]

The sun is closer to Taiwan than anywhere else

July 27, 2014 So this week was really good, we actually went on exchanges with the Assistants… ya we are that bad… haha no, right now there is 1 in training so we have 3, and they went on exchanges with our Zone leaders which is the area next to ours, so the third one […]

Typhoon headed our way

July 20, 2014 So this past week was just an amazing, Spirit filled week. At the temple, I did a name that was born in 200 AD. Holy old. That was just after the Chinese we speak now was modernized. That was about 100 ish AD, and there is way too much stuff in this […]

Me 1, Heat 0

July 16, 2014 It is still just brutally hot here. Still loving it.   Last P day we went to this Buddhist temple that overlooks all of Taibei and it was the most amazing view I have ever seen, I hope the computer isn’t being dumb so I can send you pictures, but it was […]