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Me 1, Heat 0

July 16, 2014

It is still just brutally hot here. Still loving it.


Last P day we went to this Buddhist temple that overlooks all of Taibei and it was the most amazing view I have ever seen, I hope the computer isn’t being dumb so I can send you pictures, but it was the most perfect thing ever. Sky was crazy blue, not too much haze cause it had been raining lately, and I just fell in love with Taiwan all over again. Seriously, my love of this place grew soo much in that hour we were up there. Made me not want to leave…


So, to cope with the heat, I made an ingenius contraption. Whoa, I haven’t used a word that long in a while…. but I got this huge box, about 3 feet by 2 feet and with the help of hot chopsticks and zipties, fastened it to the back of my bike. It looks absolutely ridiculous, but it gets the job done. So I basically made it into a fridge back there, I got those costco bags that keep the heat out and put it inside, with a bag of ice and one frozen bottle of water and one just regular bottle of water. Keeps it cold alllllllllllll day, it doesn’t matter how hot it gets, it stays cold. And I put a little towel in there too, so I can wipe my face with a cold towel when ever it gets too hot. BAM. Me 1. Heat 0.


As for Brother W this week, there was a couple of things that came up. One of them being a member that took him aside during the second hour of church and just talked to him the whole time, it was mostly good from what I heard.  Please just keep him in your prayers. He is soo close, but will turn into an eternal investigator if we don’t get something going soon.


That was about it for the big stuff, still saw a ton of miracles. We have a goal of 6 New Investigator’s a week, and one day by Thursday we didn’t have any. So our goal was 4 for that day, and by some crazy miracle we got it!! We had a setup that brought his 2 friends, and someone we contacted and said prayers with a couple of weeks ago and set him up. None of them have turned out, they all 放我們的鴿子. In chinese that means ‘released our pidgeons’ but just means that they didn’t show up.


There are soooooo many new missionaries coming in for the next 5 months, about 6 Elders this next transfer, but 22 and then 15 and another 15 the one after that. Plus a ton of sisters. I should train ONCE in there. Haha, but one thing that I have learned recently is the truth of Ether 12:6. You won’t get ANYTHING until your faith gets strained and stretched until you can barely take it, then the miracles come. Every single time. Sounds super hard, but for some reason there is a lot of fun in the process. Well, except for my companion…. but I am getting there…


Love you all, have a great week.


Elder Mansell


Justin in rain


Justin in Taibei


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