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Still hot…

July 6, 2014

Our golden guy Brother W is having some problems, his wife isn’t a big fan of him joining the church, and he feels a lot of pressure lately. But we had 2 angels help us out, his son is an Returned Missionary and talked to him about why we do what we do, and to not freak out so much.  And our just released bishop took him aside and talked for an hour during church. If we didn’t have those 2, he would be gone. Might have to extend his date a little bit, please keep him in your prayers.


We have been having a lot of really good success lately number wise, lots of new investigators but they don’t really turn out. Its a little frustrating sometimes when you pedal sooo much and so hard for so long and just don’t really make much improvement and end up where you started. But it is worth all of it when you do get going somewhere. And I have just gotten used to it to be honest….


We had one crazy experience with a white guy this week.  We were tracting and started talking to a lady when this white guy walks up the stairs.. I can’t really repeat what he said… but needless to say, he wasn’t exactly excited to see us standing at his door. After a lot of verbal abuse we just left and started contacting outside the apartment building and then the guy walked out and started going off again saying how we have been lied to our whole lives and brainwashed and wasting our time, saying how it was stupid to thing God exists. We just kinda heard him out for a little bit, he knows quite a bit about the church, but from the wrong sources. How Joseph Smith was a conman, and Jesus was a failed Millenial prophet, then shared with us his theory about how God couldn’t exist, and how our purpose here is just to live, reproduce, and die. He said the process of going atheist was a multi-year arduous process that results in periodic depression now. I just said, “So where is the happiness in your life? What do you have to look forward to in life? How did this benefit you?” To see the difference of hope between us and him, and the purpose of life, was outstanding. He said that if we couldn’t really profess to be true if we hadn’t read every other religious book and studied them first, then we do to other religions what he was doing to us. Then I kinda got on him saying, “Have you read and prayed about the Book of Mormon?” He said no, then I was like,  ” Then according to your theory, you have NO right to call us false if you haven’t really studied and tried to see if its true.” That kinda shut him up. It was a pretty cool experience.


Nothing too much more, its hot. But for some reason I just love it. Even the Taiwanese say its too hot, but  I think its fine. Just loving the life!!!


Elder Mansell



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