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The sun is closer to Taiwan than anywhere else

July 27, 2014

So this week was really good, we actually went on exchanges with the Assistants… ya we are that bad… haha no, right now there is 1 in training so we have 3, and they went on exchanges with our Zone leaders which is the area next to ours, so the third one just came with us for a day. It was sooo good, learned a ton. We really “pulled down the powers of heaven” which has been a theme here ever since Elder Holland came. Just using prayer to pull down blessings, and it has worked a ton. Seen a ton of miracles from it.


I have decided that everyone here works too hard. The students don’t really have a summer break, they still have to do cram schools and study. They have like a couple of hours a day at most, its crazy!!! Couldn’t do it…


Yesterday at church we got 5 people to come to church!!!!!! A family we found on the street came, which was a super cool blessing. You rarely get anyone to come to church, let alone a family. Really looking forward to them, they have some good potential. We have one investigator that we can just never seem to get to church, so we went to his house and woke him up at 8 30. He was not happy to see us… but we woke him up so we expected to see him at church in half and hour and he didn’t show up!!! Are you kidding me. He showed up at like 11, said that after we left he just fell asleep on the couch. UGHHHHHHH. But I swear that every time we get someone to church, the word Endownment comes up in Sacrament meeting AT LEAST 10 times. The subject was convenants and the temple. I swear, every single time that is the topic.


Today during Language study I finished reading the Pearl of Great Price in Chinese, that means I have read everything!! Book Of Mormon, Doctrine & Covenants and now the Pearl Of Great Price. Don’t think I will be trying to tackle the Bible any time soon…. But President’s goal for all missionaries is to read the Book Of Mormon before the end of their mission. I have really seen the Gift of Tongues work miracles on me in the past year, super grateful for that Gift.


We did have one guy this week that was a little crazy… we started talking to him on the street and he said he is a member of ALL the churches. Buddhist, Christian, everything. Then later in the conversation, he said that he isn’t a member of any church. 靠自己. I don’t know how to say it in English, but its like rely on yourself. Most Taiwanese people say it. I called him out on it, and he was just like ” I am a member of all churches without being a member of any church” OHHHH I get it now. Makes total sense. -_-


That is about it for the week, I am convinced the sun is closer to Taiwan than it is any where else. Love y’all




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