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Typhoon headed our way

July 20, 2014

So this past week was just an amazing, Spirit filled week. At the temple, I did a name that was born in 200 AD. Holy old. That was just after the Chinese we speak now was modernized. That was about 100 ish AD, and there is way too much stuff in this language that goes hand in hand with the Gospel, its almost scary. I guarantee you that the Savior went to Asia after His Resurrection, there just cant be that many coincidences for it not to be true.


But this week was just a lot of finding, and it was super fun. Just filled with the Spirit the whole time and had a good amount of success. No terribly funny stories to share this week. Or there were but I have just gotten so used to all the crazies that they seem normal to me now…


We do have a Typhoon coming this week, it will hit either tomorrow or Wednesday and go for a couple of days, so it has been even hotter than normal. I am pretty much dark now. We are just outside finding like all day, and seeing lots of miracles. One we had this week was tracting. And nobody ever gets ANYTHING from tracting, especially in Taibei. You could tract all day every day for a week and get absolutely nothing… which has happened my entire mission.. but we finally saw a miracle!! Its a family that is just about to have their first kid. Almost 40 years old and just married a couple years ago, and that is totally normal to marry that late here. I don’t get that at all… but marrying before 25 is considered early here. But the husband was super nice, we tracted into them when his wife was sleeping so we set up another time and went and visited them yesterday. Super cool family, the wife was really apprehensive at first but turned out to be super golden. Asked a TON of questions, holy cow. Barely got through the lesson, but they are super busy with the baby and such so it will be about a month before we can meet again. Haha I can just see the baby in her stomach going, “Listen to them!! Say yes!!!”


That is about it for the week, Brother W wife is still concerned about him getting baptized, but we have the Relief Society on it, and the women members in Taiwan are as good as you will get anywhere, so we will get them:) please keep praying for them!!! Love you all, I can’t thank you enough for all of the support!!


Elder Mansell


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