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Clean Water

August 17, 2014


So we just moved everything into the apartment with the 2 other Elders in our district. Its a squish but hey, at least the water is clean. Had to pack 2 times in like 3 weeks, but its super fun living with other missionaries. One of them is new, and his shirts are SO WHITE. Holy cow I didn’t think shirts got that white.
So way back when I was in the MTC, we would teach our ‘investigators’ who were just real people our teachers taught on their missions. One of them was a girl named Becky that hadn’t been baptized yet, our teacher taught her here in Taiwan but didn’t get baptized. And the real Becky lives down here in Taidong, I had forgotten that until I actually met her!!! I was talking to this member and she was asking me if I knew some people and then she told me she was Becky and I like flipped a beezy. She got baptized a couple of months ago, its still so weird that I actually know her. I probably talked about her in my emails a year ago.

OH and I heard that last week, the apartment complex I lived in when I was in Ankang, EXPLODED.  Some gas leak that destroyed the building right next to the one I lived in, it was freaky. I think the misisonaries that are there right now are safe, but it was weird to see the pictures of the 7 11 I went to hundreds of times when I was there was just gone. Everything was thrown all over the street, crazy stuff.

So down here in Taidong they have a fighter jet base, so all day there are these fighter jets flying over us, and they get like 200 feet off the ground, and are soooo cool. It sounds like an explosion every time they fly over us, so legit. Oh and yesterday in church I gave a talk in sacrament meeting, they didn’t tell me until like Friday so I had like 1 day to prepare for it. Yeah, pretty much did a lot of it on the spot to be brutally honest with you. Talked about being grateful and it went pretty good.
That is about it for week from down here in the Celestial Kingdom, its still hard to get used to being in such a small branch. We have a teenager investigator but the problem is that our branch doesn’t have a single youth from 12 to 18…. yeah. OH and we are probably going to have a baptism this Saturday, a little Yu Di Di. 9 years old, I talked about him last week, interview will be tomorrow and we should have the baptism on Saturday if everything goes smoothy!! We would appreciate the prayers, love you all!!
Elder Mansell

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