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Hello from Paradise

Wow it was a fast week down here in the celestial kingdom. This place really is just soooo amazing. We also had some cool things happen this week.
There was a Morphis family from Canada that came to Taiwan to do some dancing and performing thing at a lot of the chapels but we couldn’t go when I was in Taipei, and they were planning to go to china, but because they have 8 kids they didn’t get in, so they came down to Taidong for the week and it was awesome. They came to one of our part member families houses and sang and talked to them while I got to translate everything, it really was soooo cool. I translated everything the members were saying to the family in English, and then into Chinese when the family was talking. It was a really sweet thing they did for this family, and it was fun to be a part of it all, well actually the main part cause no body would have understood nothing if I wasn’t there.  Really fun. Then they came to church and gave talks as well.
Second wasn’t so great… our water was off when we got home from church, so we went and checked and the whole buildings water wasn’t working either, so we went down stairs and checked everything out, and it was hideous down there, the box with all of the wires and stuff was all rusted out, but then the worst thing, we opened up some pothole thing in the ground and looked at the water that they use for our shower and faucets and it was DISGUSTING. Murky green muck with hundreds of cockroaches practically swimming in it. OH MY GOODNESS I basically died, I was showering in that water for a week. We called the office and they are sending people down here to look for a new apartment. Turns out that the water getting shut off was a mercy in disguise.
Yeah not too much time today to email, we are going on this crazy adventure hike thingy with our branch president. He just drives us everywhere we want to go on Pday. Right now we are staying in the other elders apartment for a couple days until we get things settled out. Love you all, see ya next week.
Love- Elder Mansell

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