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August 3, 2014
From what happened this week, I know that the Lord loves me, cause I got sent down to the paradise city of TAIDONG!!!! It is soooo awesome down here.  It’s a 6 hour train ride from Taipei, and it is gorgeous!!! Oh my heavens I love this place already, the pictures I have don’t really do it too much justice, just go look it up on Google. All I can say about it is that I am not in Taipei anymore…. my area is North Taidong, called Beinan. Taidong is really out of the way, but once you get to Taidong, my area is even more out of the way…. There are only 6 Elders down here and 6 sisters. My new companion is Elder Z, a Taiwanese that is going home in 6 weeks.  He was one of my old zone leaders. I got my dream, Taidong with a native companion. Pinch me.
Down here there are 3 branches. President is in love with this place and only sends his best down here.  There are no difficult missionaries down here.   Our branch has about 40 members in it, and most of them are Aborigine, well most everyone  down here is…. they all just speak Taiwanese and some Aborigine dialect that doesn’t even sound close to Chinese. But they are all soooo great, some of the greatest members ever. In church we had a white guy show up from England visiting some people, and he couldn’t speak Chinese so I translated the whole thing for him, but then he got up to bear his testimony so I just followed him up, and none of the Taiwanese that speak English can understand his accent, heck I could barely understand it, so I had to translate for everyone into Chinese. It was tough, but a pretty cool experience. I m not sure how my translation was but the Spirit was there, and that’s good enough for me.
All this place is, is just a tropical Delta, Ut. Seriously reminds me soooo much of Delta, the super wide streets and the farms. We have to bike half an hour to get anywhere here, our area is the biggest in the mission. About 5 hour bike ride to the top of our area, and finding here has a whole different meaning than it does in Taipei… here you actually have to literally find where the people are. It is going to take a while to get used to… I have been with high risers and nice cars for a year, but now I am out in the boonies. Absolutely going to love it. No, mom there is no Costco down here, we got like dollar stores and some basement grocery stores….. And it is even hotter down here, holy cow it is a freaking oven!!! I am already dark, and its just going to get worse….
I am a little sad to leave W, he was sooo golden.  He’s getting baptized this saturday, he decided to get baptized cause we gave him a conference edition of the liahona and he saw all the pictures in there of all the people that were so happy and healthy, he couldn’t really read the talks too well, but the pictures did it for him. Says he wants to learn english and in a couple of years go to Utah and attend conference.
Ya that is about it for the week, it was a crazy couple of days. Still a little bit in the twilight zone, I was the only one that moved down here, and this is the training grounds down here. This transfer is only 5 weeks for some reason, and everyone says  I will be training one of the 22 Elders coming down. We’ll see. Love you all!!
Elder Mansell
Sitting on the floor for 3 hours...View from my apartmentIMG_0863Train ride to Taidong

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