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Most beautiful place on earth

So as all of you know, last Friday 2 Elders were found dead in their apartment. We still don’t know all the details, whether it was carbon monoxide or just a gas leak, but everyone here is absolutely shocked. I heard members talking about it and I thought it was the gas leak in Ankang thing again. I didn’t know the 2 elders really well, one of them was really new, and the other one I had seen around a lot. Elder G’s  last companion was one of them. I still can’t believe it, I saw them both at the transfer meeting 3 weeks ago. Its going to change a lot around here. You probably know more about the details than I do. But they died Friday night from a gas leak, that is about all we know. Probably the District leader called them and they never answered so he went over the next day and found them.

But on a positive note we got a baptism Saturday!!  It was the 9 year old kid I told you about. He moved back to Taipei right after the confirmation, and will hopefully be coming back in a couple of weeks. His testimony was really funny, just talked about what happened. How he was origionally happy to get baptized but got nervous when tons of people showed up, and he talked about how cold the AC was. Really cute and funny. We have 2 more investigators that will hopefully be getting baptized this week!! 2 older people that are still trying to quit smoking, one of them will and the other is still on the fence. Please keep them in your prayers. I gave one a blessing yesterday and I really feel he will be baptized on Saturday.

Last week we really just lit it up, our numbers were crazy good, and our area has a ton of potential. We really think that the other 2 investigators we have will get baptized this week.  We already have the interviews set up. Haha one of them has tons of cigarettes in her house and wouldn’t let us take them before, but we went and visited and she gave them to us!! about 30 packs of them. Haha so I was riding around with 100 bucks of cigs in my bike all day. 🙂

I can’t even imagine what is going to change around here, we are probably going to have a big mission conference soon. President probably had his hardest day as a mission president on Saturday having to call those 2 families.  Keep their families in your prayers.
Yeah, that is about it for the week, this place is just miracle down here in Taidong. The most beautiful place I have ever seen. I will try to get you pictures. Love you all!!

Elder Mansell








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