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And then there was only one…

September 7, 2014

So last week was really interesting, I said goodbye to my companion. He went home, did a good job of not getting too trunked out his last couple of weeks. Then the Assistants called and told me that I would be taking his spot as district leader, yay. Its pretty fun, I have 4 elders and 4 sisters in my district, and every single companionship is going to be training!! Well, when my companion gets here.. Taiwan just changed their visa requirements so we honestly have no idea when the new missionaries will get here, it could be a couple of weeks, or a couple months. They might trickle in, or come in a big group. They might get held back for a full transfer and come in with the 20 missionaries coming in the transfer after, which means we might be having 50 new missionaries coming in at the same time. Honestly don’t know anything yet. But the whole mission fasted for them yesterday, we would appreciate the prayers to get them here as fast as possible. But that means I won’t have a companion for a while!! So I am in a threesome companionship with the zone leaders, and not getting too many chances to proselyte in my area, so its dropping a little bit…. going to have a lot of finding to do when my new companion gets here!!!

So the guy I baptized last week that I sent you a picture of is doing sooooo good, holy cow he is literally like glowing. Came to church in a white shirt and tie (which is a little rare here) and was just beaming. The Gift of the Holy Ghost is so real. But to be honest, that was about it for the week. I ate an octopus, and was chewing the dang thing for like a freaking hour!!!!! Not too good.

Last week I started a thing where I don’t write any english except for emails and journal. Other than that, everything is in Chinese, all of my district meeting training, planner. Everything. I didn’t think I could really write too much until I wrote a letter to that Wang that just got baptized in Neihu and I only had to look up a couple of characters. That is what I am going to be focusing on now. That and reading the Gospels, the bible is tough. But I got some time.

Thats about it, not too many crazy stories for the week. Shout out to the pops for pushing the upper 40 mark.  (Editors note: Turning 44 doesn’t make his dad “pushing the upper 40 mark” 🙂

Elder Mansell




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