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August 31, 2014

Wow this past week was just packed with a ton of stuff. I will start with the sad and then go from there. We went up to Taipei for the memorial service last week.  It was sad but there was a lot of laughing and had some fun talking to all the other missionaries. We were up there for 2 days cause its a 6 hour train ride down here, and we actually got permission to do a temple session cause we don’t come up for temple days. Really cool, and the crazy thing is that we slept in the Temple Housing that night, 8\28\14. On 8\28\13 I slept in the same place on my first night on island. Whoaaaaaaaaaa crazy thought.

Then we had another baptism this week!!! It was the Sister’s investigator that they gave to us cause they were about to drop him. He couldn’t quit smoking, so they gave him to us. After he started meeting with us, he didn’t smoke once and got baptized in 2 weeks!!! Don’t know what the difference was, but we let them have the number, when in reality it was just a Team Jesus baptism. I also had the opportunity to baptize him. Pulled out the baptismal clothing from out of my suitcase for the first time, and holy cow it was SO WHITE. I have never worn anything that white before, I was like blinded by it. Then after the baptism, with our convert just glowing, I got the call from the Assistants telling me that I am going to Train!!!!!!! WOO, there are 22 Elders coming on and Taidong is known as the training grounds. I kinda saw it coming, but they have visa problems so they might be coming late. Right now they are supposed to be coming Saturday and start training Tuesday, but it might be extended. We still don’t know yet, so my next P-day might not be next monday, cause we might be in training meetings all day. So don’t freak out Mom if I don’t email you:)

And after the Confirmation on Sunday, I literally just had the feeling of pure joy. I was sitting right next to him during the meeting, and just this indescribable feeling came over me, I couldn’t put it into words if I wanted to. But I think I now know better how Alma and Amulek and 4 sons of Mosiah feel about missionary work and how they just describe it as pure joy cause that is the only way to put it. Its worth all the slammed doors, and disappointments just for a couple of minutes of that feeling.

When I moved down here, people started staring at me even more than they did in Taipei. Heck, they literally point at me as I ride by. And I figured out why, it’s cause I am like one of 3 white people living in my area. It is honestly something I will not miss here…. Haha but at least its easier to contact people. They can’t ignore me. Haha

That is about it for the week.  I got the photos you sent and I still cant believe how much my brothers have changed, and now I have to give Cannon the award for tallest brother. Haha Sorry not sorry Mitchell..

Elder Mansell


IMG_0963[1] IMG_1000[1]


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