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September 21, 2014

So ya yesterday we got hit by a pretty legit typhoon, we were inside like most of the day. Everything just shuts down here during a typhoon. EVERYTHING. The people here are crazy afraid of a little rain so typhoon hits and your done. We had a really interesting week. I was supposed to get a companion, probably someone from Taipei until my trainee gets here but President just put me with the elders in my district, so I had to move apartments AGAIN. Probably the third time in the past month, but I won’t have a companion for like 2 more weeks, its still a mess I don’t know if they will get here in the middle of the transfer or just wait and have 50 misisonaires come in at once. Anyways its a mess.
We had an outdoor zone conference in Hualian this week, which is basically a hike with some training from President and the Assistants. And we went to the one place in Taiwan that I have always wanted to go to!!! Its called Taruko Gorge and its the coolest thing ever, my pictures won’t even do it justice just go look it up on Google. Crazy fun, but it was on Friday and that Saturday and Sunday we were supposed to have district conference in Hualian so we thought we were going to just stay up there, cause its like 3 hours away but we came back friday night and were going to go up again saturday afternoon but the typhoon hit and it got cancelled… so long story short we had to wake up at 3:45 am to get on a bus up there and got back at 10:30 that night. SOOOO tired….

So my companions now are 2 pretty young Elders. One is brand new and his trainer is pretty young too. They both aren’t from Utah, so they think there is just this ‘thing’ about Utah kids and how they are all posers. I don’t know..


Oh my heavens i had the craziest baptismal interview with this guy last week. His name is Wang, normally I would’t tell you his name but half of the island is named Wang…so its ok.Haha but he is totally golden, and in the interview was great until I asked him about President Monson and if he was a Prophet. He just stopped and pretty much said no. Cause he has never gotten a spiritual confirmation that he is a Prophet. And I am just sitting there like ,”Well crap. He is super golden and I can’t pass him if he says no!!” But then I had a prompting to have him say a prayer right there in the interview and ask God if President Monson is a Prophet. This guy said a legit like 10 minute prayer!!! It was the craziest thing I have ever seen, he started out and just asked the question, I was thinking that the Spirit would just shoot into the room and encircle him and he would totally believe.But it didn’t happen. He asked like 4 times and got nothing. Not a peep. And by this point he is getting a little stressed cause he came in thinking he would pass with flying colors, but then he changed the way he asked. He started saying how he “believes that the missionaries that taught him are sent from God. The leaders of the branch are good people and I believe them too. I believe this church is true, so I believe that Thomas Monson is a prophet of God. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.” It was the coolest thing ever!!!!!!!!!!  Other than that crazy story, nothing too much happened this week. I love you all and I hope y’all have a great week!!!
Elder Mansell

Typhoon Sept 14 Ox Hualian


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