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I don’t know when I am going to stop sweating…

Last week was probably the happiest week I have had in a very long time. There were sooo many miracles!!! First of all, our investigator Z passed the baptismal interview!!! She is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!! Just a week ago she was saying that she didn’t want to do an interview, and to wait […]

Miracles and…. it’s still hot!

11/09/2014 So this week was pretty crazy, didn’t have a ton of time in my area again.. cause we went up to Taipei for a trainer follow up meeting. It was super good, they split up the trainers and trainees in different rooms and basically talked about things they wish they wish their companion could […]

Still Hot- what the heck?!?

11/02/14 So honestly not too much happened this week, we had to move everything out of the apartment that we moved out of a couple weeks ago, and had to sweep it spotless. And it took like 2 full days!!!  Our lessons this week just got slaughtered. Only got to 7 this week, which, if […]

That’s some crazy service…

So to explain the title of this email  I just have to tell you about our service opportunity this week. We have a Recent Convert that is the sweetest lady ever and invited us over to her house to help her out with some chores. The Elder talking to her on the phone didn’t really […]

Training = Tiring

10/19/14 Wow I didn’t know training would be sooo tiring. haha but its sooo fun too. He is doing really well, like not having any of the problems that I had. Lucky Me!!! Last week was super fun, we just hit the streets!! We rode up to some places that the people there hardly ever […]

Training- finally!

10/12/14 So I’m a dad!!! Haha in the mission lingo when you train he is your kid and you are a dad. His name is Elder F. He just graduated from high school and then came out. He is pretty awesome, hard worker and he can speak Chinese pretty well. Its been suuuuppppeeerrrr tired lately […]

A short note and a new companion

10/05/2014 So this week will be a short letter, I am in Taibei right now and we are going into the trainer meeting in a couple of hours so we are going to try and squeeze in a visit to 101. I will get my new companion tomorrow and let you know who he is […]