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Miracles and…. it’s still hot!

So this week was pretty crazy, didn’t have a ton of time in my area again.. cause we went up to Taipei for a trainer follow up meeting. It was super good, they split up the trainers and trainees in different rooms and basically talked about things they wish they wish their companion could help with,and how we wanted to help but they wouldn’t let us, and just stuff like that. They showed a clip about the Atonement to start things off, I still remember when they did this for me, and it was just as good as it was over a year ago. It’s Elder Holland giving a talk at a Mission President’s seminar about how hard missions are. He pretty much gave the same talk to us when he came to Taibei, sooo good. Pretty much talked about how missions are hard because it was hard for the Savior, “He didn’t have it easy, so why should we? He didn’t have a ton of success, so why should we??” I have seen it a bunch, but its still just as good as the first time. And it hit a chord with my companion, because when we got back, he was on fire!! It was cool to see that.
We finally got investigators to church!!! There is this lady sister Z I have been meeting with for the 3 months I have been here and she has yet to come to church. Every week we go over to her house and invite her to church, and every week she promises she will come, and every week she doesn’t come. We went over Saturday night and she promised again, when we got to church, she wasn’t there, again. BUT, she showed up!!! I almost like couldn’t believe my eyes when she walked in to the room, and we had some really good members come up and talk to her and be her friend. It was awesome, we hope she will get baptized next Saturday. That is the goal, keep praying for her!! We saw a lot more success this past week than the one before, we should be having a couple baptisms before the end of the year!!
So that lady we did service for, where we killed the chickens and were chopping wood, normally it its really fun service. But last week we were pulling weeds for like 3 hours. It was brutal!! But she can’t do like any of it by herself so we make that our service project every week. She feeds us too, so can’t really complain about that…
I think it might be global warming or something over here cause it is STILL HOT. Honestly, half way though November and I am still sweating like all day every day, you know it has to stop at sometime, right? I remember like a year ago I never had the AC on.. dang global warming is getting on my nerves!!
This week, well, today I was reading Chapter 6 about Charity and Love and there is a quote that is probably the greatest promised blessing in Preach My Gospel. I read through Preach My Gospel once just underlining the promised blessings in one color, and what we have to do to get them in another color, and the best one is in that section. If we pray for Charity and seek to do good works, we will get that huge blessing it talks about in the last big paragraph. Simple, just pray for it with everything and do good works and you will get it. that is my rant of the week. If you want to see or read more, please tune in to my District Meetings every Tuesday at 1:30-3:00   🙂
Love you all, Ping an out
Elder Mansell

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