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Power Tri-panionship!

So this past week was soo much fun, being in a threesome is a blast. I rarely get to work in my area, so its kinda going to pot a little bit… But the past 3 days were crazy, there were 3 people that got baptized and the baptism was like 2 hours long, one member got up and just preached for like 20 minutes, and right after that I did a musical performance. Holy cow, once someone knows you can play the piano, you play for everything!!! I played that arrangement of I Stand All Amazed that mom sent me like a year ago and there were a lot of people crying when I finished. It was really sweet.
Then we went to Hualian for District Conference, and got to do the Confirmation at the meeting. There were 4 that got confirmed and 15 got the Melchizedek Priesthood. That is a crazy amount, if we get 20 more they will turn it into a Stake!! but not too much happened this week. I did burn my dang finger on the iron the other day… that is 2 battle scars from the iron now…
Haha so my 2 companions are both really young in the mission standards, and both have girlfriends too. Just listening to them, I am so glad I got out of that boat. SO GLAD. Haha they both talk about marriage all the time, like one said this week, “Every goal I set, every prayer I say and every thing I do in missionary work just adds to this overarching desire to get married” Haha so great!
I just love the members down here, they are all so great.
One of the greatest feelings in the world, and I still for the life of me cannot figure out why, is staggering into the door at 9 drenched in some sweat and rain combination and just feeling soo good. I love this work, and out here it’s the only thing that will make you happy. The harder it is, the harder you work, and the happier you are. LOVE IT. LOVE YAALL. Ping an out

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