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Still Hot- what the heck?!?


So honestly not too much happened this week, we had to move everything out of the apartment that we moved out of a couple weeks ago, and had to sweep it spotless. And it took like 2 full days!!!  Our lessons this week just got slaughtered. Only got to 7 this week, which, if you are not familiar with missionary work, is HORRIBLE. Total noob status, I hate it. And I had to fork out like over 100 bucks of personal money to pay the moving people and a bunch of other stuff, I got it back but that is why my account has a ton taken out. Not going on a spending frenzie, don’t worry:)
It feels recently like we are working twice as hard for half the results. We are out on the streets all day everyday and I know that we will see the results one day, maybe it won’t be until the Spirit world  or even the Millennium, but I know we will see them. Its just a little tough cause we aren’t seeing the results right now. Which is where patience comes into play, I swear that my patience has been tested more than anything on my mission so far. And I am sick of it!!!(just kidding, my patience is better than that:)
I told you before how I am reading the scriptures in Chinese, and the BOM is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better in Chinese. Sorry English, but it doesn’t even compare at all. The depth and color and detail are just absolutely amazing. It takes me like an hour to read a chapter because I try and go really into depth about what each character really means. Oh my goodness, it is sooo cool. Not sure I am going to read the scriptures in English ever again. I started the New Testament in Chinese, not as good cause of how freaking hard it is, but it’s still fun.
We have this family we are teaching that are super Christian, one of the most Christlike families I have ever seen. They would be the greatest family ever in the church but they are still super set in their church, if we can just get them to come over one time. Please pray for them, they are our closest to baptism family.
Not too much other to share, no crazy service stories. We got to cut wood last week, and lay some cement. Love yall, and we started singing Christmas hymns!! Its coming. I say that November counts for Christmas songs. Ping an out
Elder Mansell

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