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That’s some crazy service…

So to explain the title of this email  I just have to tell you about our service opportunity this week.
We have a Recent Convert that is the sweetest lady ever and invited us over to her house to help her out with some chores. The Elder talking to her on the phone didn’t really understand any of the specifics of what she wanted us to do, so we just went not really knowing what we would be getting into. Then we get up to her house way up there in the mountains and she first feeds us this NASTY nasty chicken. She pretty much took out all of the good parts of the chicken and put the rest on a plate for us to eat. Like the heart and the liver and some other body parts that I didn’t want to think too hard about what they were….  we scraped the meat that we could off of it and then started working.
She took us around to the front of her house and told us what she wanted us to do, and I was with 3 really young missionaries that didn’t really understand anything she was saying but she was wanting us to kill her chickens. She was just like, “Yeah just grab this knife, take the chicken by the neck and saw at its neck until it dies and the blood comes out, then wait until the blood drains out and put in that pot over there and go pluck off the feathers.” I am just sitting there with this disgusted look on my face the whole time, like “what in the world did I just get myself into??!!” But then we called Sister Day and asked her if we could cause I was pretty sure the handbook has to say somewhere that its not ok. Good thing she said no, so we just did some other chores around her house. But it was definitely an unforgettable day.
Last pday we went to some crazy awesome place called heaven road like an hour away. Oh my goodness it was the coolest thing ever. The pictures look awesome but still doesn’t do it justice….it was a legit Pday. I feel kinda bad for my companion cause like his first activity was easily the funnest he will ever have on his mission. So beautiful.
This last week was actually really tough on my companion, there was a lot of rejection and faith was tested to the extreme. For a couple of days in the middle, he was just not having any fun whatsoever. But we did see a lot of good miracles after that. Ether 12 4 is such  a true scripture!! We got tested and got the blessing by finding a family!!! They didn’t come to church, but still  have a lot of good potential!!
IT is still so hot here!! good heavens it is the end of October!! But still just loving everything down here, and that is about it. Love yall ping an out!
Elder Mansell

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