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Training = Tiring

Wow I didn’t know training would be sooo tiring. haha but its sooo fun too. He is doing really well, like not having any of the problems that I had. Lucky Me!!!
Last week was super fun, we just hit the streets!! We rode up to some places that the people there hardly ever seen white people, let alone missionaries. Haha we were eating at a restaurant and like everyone was staring at us!! People were talking about us as if I couldn’t understand anything they were saying. AS IF. hahaha you should have seen the look on their faces when I started talking back to them. PRICELESS.
But that day we found a ton of people willing to talk to us, if not just for the sake of talking to white people that speak their language. Some of them are doing pretty good, but its especially hard to baptize in my area. People ask me where my area is and after I tell them they just say how its really hard to get people to convert over there. But its just like every other area… just a lot more pretty and a lot less people. A loooottttt less people. Haha but I love it, all the members just love us.
So my companion was being really bold at a buffet last week and got some freaking crazy looking stuff on his plate. He asked me what it was and I told him that I didn’t know, and to just not ask that question at all…. you never really want to know what it is. Some inside part of some animal. I stick to the chicken and vegetables. Not a big fan of pig intestines…
There weren’t any crazy things we did last week… Pday I tried to take a nap but it failed and i just got up groggier than when I laid down. But today we are going to probably the most beautiful place on this island. I have been there before but we couldn’t stay too long so this time we are headed up there early, so next week you should get some knarly pictures. My English has gotten soooo bad in the past year, especially my spelling. Thank goodness for spel check!!!
We do have one investigator that is soooo close to baptism but just can’t get over that hump yet. Please pray for her to be able to quit smoking and come to church!! I cannot thank all of you enough for all of the support and prayers!! Love ya’ll. Ping an out

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