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I don’t know when I am going to stop sweating…

Last week was probably the happiest week I have had in a very long time. There were sooo many miracles!!! First of all, our investigator Z passed the baptismal interview!!! She is getting baptized on Saturday!!!!!!! WHOOOOO!!!!! Just a week ago she was saying that she didn’t want to do an interview, and to wait for a little bit, and excuse here and excuse there. Then we met with her a couple days later and she had finally quit smoking, and then I just had the prompting to ask her,”What is going to hold you back from baptism now?” She just kinda sat there and was quiet for a minute and was like, “You know, nothing.” Then we set a date right there and she is still super committed to it, I don’t know what changed, but the Lord worked a miracle on this one. Only He knows just how many prayers, how much effort, bike riding, sweat, disappointment, and planning have gone into getting her baptized. And now we are going to see the fruit of our labors. I just cannot wait for this Saturday!!!!
I also had an experience with asking for member referrals last week that I will never forget. About a month ago I was with Elder H on exchanges in his area, we visited a member cause we were in the area tracting. We were talking to the member for a couple of minutes, acting like he was just a random person we tracted in to, had some laughs, and right before we left I had, at the time I didn’t know it, but looking back I know it now, a strong prompting to ask him for a referral. He said he did have a friend and gave a number to Elder H. They figured out he lived in the 2nd branch area, and Elder H  gave it to those Elders. I never kept track of it after that,  and actually forgot about it until the zone leaders asked me I could do a baptismal interview with the guy that got referred from the member. He is getting baptized tomorrow!!! Awesome experience that strengthened my testimony in asking for referrals.
So there was a really funny experience last week, so we were just eating lunch and then a bunch of teenage girls came in to eat, and they saw us and, thinking that we don’t speak Chinese, started talking about who is more attractive between the two of us. Haha I could barely stop laughing but I still faked that I couldn’t understand then so they would still be talking about us.  Soooo funny, then when we left I just rattled a little Chinese at them and they all just sat there all wide-eyed and didn’t say anything after that…. HA. Show them whats up!
So for Thanksgiving this year, the members put on a little activity with some food. It was great-they did good job for us.  It wasn’t a Thanksgiving dinner that you get in America… but at least they tried… haha nobody knows what its even for. We had a member ask, “Is thanksgiving to give thanks to Jesus?” Umm not quite… haha.
I have to dedicate the last part of my email to my amazing MOM. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!! I know its in like 5 days but I only get you once a week. I have to say that I am easily the luckiest missionary in the whole wide world cause of how awesome my mom is.  You don’t really appreciate something until you don’t have it anymore. But I kinda like not having someone yell at me to finish my homework.. other than that I do miss the cooking. Oh my heavens the cooking… LOVE YOU MOMMY!!!!!
Elder Mansell
Elder N fell off bike
So we were riding our bike the other day and there was a little sewer line thingy along the side of us, and there was a part where the road just disappears into this 4 feet deep pit thingy. After I passed it, a couple seconds later I heard my companions bike hit something and I am thinking,”oh please don’t have fallen into the-” He fell into the pit. Haha we laughed for so long, he was ok though.
In the words of Monty Python: ‘Tis a flesh wound.
One shirt down!

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