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I hate being sick!

So as you can see from the subject, I was sick last week. It got pretty bad, just a common cold but it got to the point that I couldn’t work at all. I am good now, but I went to the doctor and my hate of socialized medicare grew a lot… the doctor saw […]

Christmas is in 2 weeks!!!

So first things first, that tree you sent was amazing!!! There almost wasn’t any more space to put decorations on there the family is so big!! And to be completely honest with you, there were like 5 of them that I have never seen before…. and some that don’t even look at all like they […]

Now it’s cold- Just can’t win!

Wow things have changed a ton in the past week. It finally cooled off but now it’s freezing!! The temperature isn’t too cold but the humidity makes it crazy cold! Last week’s p-day was really fun.  We went to the bridge place that we have been to before but we went really early so we […]


First things first, Sister Z got baptized last week!!!! It was sooo cool see the change in her in the past however many months I was here.  She wasn’t progressing at all then to wanted to be baptized and then crying as she came up out of the water. Probably the greatest day of my […]