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First things first, Sister Z got baptized last week!!!! It was sooo cool see the change in her in the past however many months I was here.  She wasn’t progressing at all then to wanted to be baptized and then crying as she came up out of the water. Probably the greatest day of my mission so far.  The pure joy was just overflowing.  There is nothing I have ever done before that has brought me this much happiness, and deep down pure joy. Absolutely nothing can compare, I just want to be doing this forever. Before the baptism we went tracting for like 2 hours with absolutely not a single person willing to talk to us, but that is nothing compared to the feelings that came later. So great!!!!
There were elections this past week here and they go NUTS for elections. Holy cow. They ride around in a big parade of cars shooting off fireworks and banging drums and yelling and playing loud music. Its the craziest thing I have ever seen!! But it finished yesterday. It’s honestly like the 4th of July every day for the past 2 weeks. So glad its over, but it was kinda cool to just be riding my bike and all of a sudden there is a guy in the back of a truck right next to me shooting off fireworks. Some good little Taiwanese culture for  y’all.
We don’t have too many people to teach recently… well at least any that are on the same path as we are, lots of people like talking to and meeting some white guys that speak Chinese.  We have this one guy that we taught the plan of Salvation to, and he just loves to go super deep into stuff and asks a ton of questions about everything, so we can only get about one doctrine point in a lesson. And that just goes suuupppeerrr deep, but he just doesn’t have any need for the Gospel right now, no matter HOW I put it, he always just said he was super happy right how he was and didn’t want to go to the Celestial Kingdom cause all of his friends would be in the Telestial. Ugg there are so many people with the same thought process. They are good the way they are and don’t want to make a change. Come on people!!!!!  There is so much more out there!
Move calls are this week.  Everyone says that I am going to move. I really hope not, I feel like I just got here!!! Seriously it has already been 3 transfers…. I will probably have one more here. Still love it!

Thought for the week: If we want to teach effectively, it is all on us.  Verbs are things we can control, and they are VERBS. We have to DO in order to be good. Develop. Study. EFFORT. And then we will get it.  Teaching effectively is not just a gift that is bestowed on the few lucky ones.  We can all be the one, if we want to be one. The promise is there, we just gotta DO.

That is about it for the week. love you all!!!!
Elder Mansell

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