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Now it’s cold- Just can’t win!

Wow things have changed a ton in the past week. It finally cooled off but now it’s freezing!! The temperature isn’t too cold but the humidity makes it crazy cold!
Last week’s p-day was really fun.  We went to the bridge place that we have been to before but we went really early so we could be there for longer.  There was this massive hill we climbed up and had a really cool view of like all of Taidong. It was crazy windy though.. pictures are funny.
So we had Sister Z come with us to investigators houses this week and she was AWESOME!! I was soooo excited to see her come with us.  She spoke in Taiwanese most of the time but I think is was good….. Old people don’t like speaking Chinese to each other and Taiwanese is like some crazy language with almost nothing in common with what I speak. I can say a couple phrases and understand a little bit but not enough to have a conversation. She got along with all the investigators really well though!!
Apparently last night I was contacting people in my sleep.. my companion woke up to me  saying, “Hello!! We are the missionaries, how are you doing?” but all in Chinese.  I can’t stop!!!! Haha that is sooo funny though!
We started our fast on Saturday afternoon last week and it was crazy, when dinner time came around I was expecting to be really hungry and tired, but I was not hungry at all!! I was amazed, we just kept on going all throughout dinner and the night and I felt so good,  totally consecrated for the whole night. Didn’t care about food or the time, I was just focused on other people and it was the greatest feeling ever.
Teaching pool is really down to almost nothing now… we would appreciate the prayers as we bring the area back up!!
Preach My Gospel thought this week. Page 187 only by being able to use ALL of the teaching skills in Chapter 10 can we START to help people resolve their concerns, we can’t just focus on one or 2 but we have to be all around. Pretty short but I thought it was good.
My hearing aid has been acting weird this week, every time I touch it it just shuts off. Not sure what the problem is. Ask the doctor and see if there is anything I can do to fix it.
Alma 5:19 is a really good scripture I came across this week. Love you all!!
Elder Mansell

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