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Christmas is in 2 weeks!!!

So first things first, that tree you sent was amazing!!! There almost wasn’t any more space to put decorations on there the family is so big!! And to be completely honest with you, there were like 5 of them that I have never seen before…. and some that don’t even look at all like they did 18 months ago! It was a great Christmas present. And I have to give a shout-out to Sassy and Pawpop (my mom’s parents, those names are just another story) their package was probably the best package I have ever gotten. Just loaded up with a bunch of Amurican food. And a Christmas calendar. Absolutely loved it, thanks:)
This week we had a lot of finding, and saw a lot of success on the streets, one funny story is when we were eating our dinner at a 7 and there was this drunk guy sitting by us that we see quite a bit over on that side of town, and he was especially drunk today. We sat down and he was like,”Oh yeah, you gotta say a prayer before you eat, I’ll say it.” so he just prayed for us and was talking about how good looking we are, and if he looked like us, all the girls would be all over him.(Honestly, we get this every single day, but for some reason I am not quite tired of it yet….) and there were a bunch of people looking over and laughing, cause they just see this drunk guy talking to 2 white guys. All the kids were videoing the whole thing, and it was especially funny cause my companion had NO idea what this guy was saying most of the time, and I was laughing too hard to translate for him. The picture I took with him was one of my favorite pictures ever:)
The work is still going good, when you work hard and show the Lord that you care, He will open doors for you. I think the key is desire, if you really want it and show it by how hard you work and plan, the rest is in His hands. When we go that far we have done our job. There is a quote I like,”Work like everything depends of You. Pray like everything depends of Heavenly Father.” So I think we are doing just what he wants us to be doing right now, yeah we aren’t seeing quite the number success we want to see, but that isn’t real success is it? You go for numbers, no question, cause they mean souls that you are bringing closer to Christ, but really they don’t show the whole story. I have learned time and time again on my mission that there is a reason for EVERYTHING that happens to you on a mission, you just gotta have enough faith to rely on the Lord and hope to give you the fire to keep going.
We also got to do some service for non members last week, and went and cleaned out a big garage with just a bunch of crap in it. took about 2 hours, and saw a lot of bugs that I don’t ever want to see again, but the cool part was that as we were leaving, the people were just crying out of gratitude for our service. Cause if we didn’t go, they would probably still be cleaning that place out. Mosiah 2:17.
We went caroling last night in a night market, and it was interesting…. normally we already have lots of people staring at us as we walk by, but when there are 10 of us just singing as we walk through.. lets just say we were pretty much the only thing most people were looking at.
Looking forward to seeing y’all on Christmas, talk to you next week. Love ya!!
Elder Mansell

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