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I hate being sick!

So as you can see from the subject, I was sick last week. It got pretty bad, just a common cold but it got to the point that I couldn’t work at all. I am good now, but I went to the doctor and my hate of socialized medicare grew a lot… the doctor saw me for like 2 minutes, gave me medicine for the fever that I didn’t have, and the body aches that I didn’t have. Honestly, I just needed something to get my sinuses under control and he gave me everything I didn’t need. But it was the first time in 18 months that I have had to stay inside during proselyting times to get better. That is pretty good if you ask me!!
There was a Christmas nativity scene thingy at the church on Saturday and it was the best one that I have ever seen. They did SUCH a great job. I got some pictures but its really hard to see it clearly. I have seen that performance every year of my life and that was the best- gotta give them props. The little primary kids were dressed up as the sheep and it was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Little Chinese kids are easily the cutest.
We were riding our bikes home last Tuesday when my chain just snapped. I was standing up pedaling fast and then it just broke. My hands were still on the handle bar but my feet were on the ground and I couldn’t control my bike at all, and ran into the side of a car before I could get it to stop. It was at like 8:50 pm and we were still 20 minutes out.  So we brainstormed and came up with the idea that we would connect our locks, he would put his on the back of his bike and mine on the front and he would tow me home cause my wheels would still turn and everything worked but I just couldn’t pedal it. Genius idea right?!!  It was fun for me, but pretty tough for him having to tow another bike up a couple hills but he did it!! Hahha we probably looked sooo funny riding through the streets. Definitely one I won’t forget!!
***Mitchell asked Justin if it even occurred to him to trade spots half-way.  Justin’s response:  Nah- that’s what Trainees are for!***
I have been working recently on developing Christlike attributes- actually focusing on developing them. This transfer is Faith and Patience. There is an attribute activity in Preach My Gospel that I did at the beginning of the transfer, will do at the middle point and at the end and see where they go!! The hardest thing is praying have experiences that will grow those attributes. Which pretty much means some trials are coming your way, that will be good for you in the end and aren’t very fun at first. But life isn’t very fun a lot of the time, and that is just something we gotta get used to. Better get used to it now rather than later, and a mission is probably the fastest way to improve in those attributes cause you are in His hands all day every day!!
To end this email I will tell a joke I heard today that is probably really old but I heard it for the first time today and laughed for SO long!! So, there is an American in the kitchen and a Russian in the living room and you are in the bathroom. What are you? Your-a-peein (European) HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA so dumb but soo funny. Love you all!!!  Merry Christmas!
Elder Mansell
Towing the bike
Nativity lambs2014 Santa 2014

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