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Batman anyone?

25 January 2015 Well everyone it was only 5 days ago when I emailed you and it doesn’t even feel like p-day today. Not too much happened last week, we got to go to the temple and that was always good. Haha we were doing Sealings afterwards and the sealer was a guy in our […]

Cray, Cray Week

January 20, 2015 Well, last week was pretty eventful. I did move, and I think my heart will forever be in Taidong. But now I have moved back to Taipei in the city of Xindian!!! It is actually the same chapel as my second area, Ankang!! So I got to see all of the members […]

Still down here…

January 11, 2015 Well it was a fun week down here, winding down my time here in Taidong.  Move calls come this week and the transfer meeting is on Friday. I have come to absolutely love this place, the members and the scenery and just everything about it. Church was sad cause I have to […]

I got nothing-

January 4, 2015 Wow the sisters that came on with me went home last week. That is so crazy. Time is nuts. Anyways last week was honestly really stressful. The past few weeks have been really stressful, when your area isn’t where you want it to be, it’s actually mostly self inflicted stress, because not […]

Last email of 2014!

Wow it was good to see everyone a couple days ago!!! I literally couldn’t tell them apart by voices at all, if we were just talking on the phone I would have no idea who was who!!! Honestly I didn’t have much to say.. I would have been good to not skype cause I am […]