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Cray, Cray Week

January 20, 2015
Well, last week was pretty eventful. I did move, and I think my heart will forever be in Taidong. But now I have moved back to Taipei in the city of Xindian!!! It is actually the same chapel as my second area, Ankang!! So I got to see all of the members that I got to know over a year ago. And all the members in my new ward were like,”why do you look so familiar??” Haha I am going to get to know this chapel really well. When I heard that I was going to this area at the transfer meeting, I honestly wasn’t too happy… because when I was here last year it was a super crappy area. The elders area only had like 2 streets in the city, and then all of the mountains, but the sisters just got moved out so we have the whole city now!! We are pretty much white-washing the area, like about 90% neither one of us have ever been to. We have all of the investigators of the sisters to teach now too, its been a little overwhelming but still super fun. My new companion is Elder G! He is from Layton, and is still a pretty young missionary, but a really humble guy. We have had a lot of fun together so far, its going to really good to get to work with him.
I have been impressed with almost everything about this area since I got here, the ward is super great, really friendly and super good to missionaries. Our Ward Mission leader is so legit!! One of my favorite ones so far, he is really hard working and wants to get this area up and going. I am sooo pumped to get to know him more. And the fact that I am in the Xindian ward is absolutely incredible.  Partly because of the fact that one of the people my dad baptized on his mission in America, lives in the ward that I am serving in right now!!!! What the heck?!?! If that isn’t inspiration to put me here, then I don’t know what is!! Seriously, it took me like 2 hours to remember that he lives in this ward, and I just got the chills when I remembered.
Being in the city again was literally an answer to my prayers, I only wanted to go back to Taipei, and I can’t believe how many people are on the streets here!!! My first night, I was literally like blown away at how many people are here. I have probably talked to as many people in 3 days here as I did in 5 months down in Taidong. Absolutely loving it up here, my companion probably thinks I am a little crazy trying to talk to literally every single person I see, but I am just having a field day!! So fun, today we are going to go golfing, woke up at 5 this morning to get ready and exercise and all that jazz, cause on temple day we don’t have studies so we can get up as early as we want. Kind of a dumb teenager thing to do, cause we are absolutely exhausted, but all I can say to that is YOLO. I don’t know if anybody even says that in America anymore, but.. I’m going to say it anyways!
We live in an apartment of 4 with the zone leaders and it is just as fun as the one down in Taidong. Honestly having 4 guys in the same house is seriously one of the funnest times of my life. And our district only has Elders too, 8 of us. Its going to be a party. There is so much to talk about that I am forgetting all of it but we have a lot of investigators, getting a baptism is a couple of weeks with hopefully more after that. I honestly wanted to serve in the chapel right next to the temple, at JinHua but still coming back has been awesome. My convert from Ankang Brother Zhang is getting sealed to his family in a couple of weeks!!! I didn’t see him this week, but I will probably be able to go to the sealing! So pumped, this will probably be my last area and we are going to LIGHT THIS CITY ON FIRE!!! There is so much potential for this area to just be lit up, and we are going to do just that.
I can’t remember anything else really from this past week, there was so much in such a short amount of time, but I think you all can tell how happy I am to be here. Love yall, ping an out!!
Elder Mansell

One comment on “Cray, Cray Week

  1. Just taking after your dad and those great biking skills!!! Keep up the good work.

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