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I got nothing-

January 4, 2015
Wow the sisters that came on with me went home last week. That is so crazy. Time is nuts. Anyways last week was honestly really stressful. The past few weeks have been really stressful, when your area isn’t where you want it to be, it’s actually mostly self inflicted stress, because not much about missionary work itself is stressful. Most stress is self inflicted. I think if I didn’t have stress then it would be a bigger problem. I think its better than the ‘I don’t care” attitude. Stress means that I am just alive and its not that big of a problem, I can still eat and sleep fine. I will probably be transferring in a week and a half though.
Recently reading the scriptures I realized that there is not a single scripture that says that missionary work is supposed to be easy. Not one, yeah it says that you will have joy doing it, but only after experiencing the bad. I realized that the “bad” for us in this day is not even close to what the missionaries in the Book Of Mormon. I haven’t been thrown into jail yet, or spit on, or mocked (too much) or been starved and slapped, nothing even close to that. So I can’t really expect the “good” to be like theirs was and baptize thousands of people. I kinda think of it as a teeter totter, the farther down you go, the higher up you can go, and vice versa. I am fine being a little bit in the middle.
We had some cool service opportunities last week. Service will just make you feel so much better after you finish. If you are having a hard time feeling the spirit, go do some service, its probably the fastest way to get it. There was this lady that wasn’t much taller than my belly button trying to push this huge cart of just random stuff up a hill and we stopped and offered to help and of course she said no, so I kinda just (softly) pushed her out of the way and took the cart and started walking up the hill, you kinda have to force it or they will never let you help them. We got up in like 10 minutes whereas if we didn’t help she would probably still be pushing that cart up the hill as we speak.
As for investigators we actually have a lot of families that we are teaching, but they mostly don’t have any potential. They just like talking to white people. Its hard to weed out the ones that have potential and the ones that just don’t down here, like the lady I baptized a couple weeks ago, everyone told me to drop her.  And then she got baptized.
Love you all, I still think it was hilarious trying to teach my family how to say my Recent Convert’s name. honestly its not that hard. Cannon, keep up the Chinese, be sure to actually say tones when you talk though, or nobody will understand you! Haha Ping an out!!
Elder Mansell

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