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Last email of 2014!

Wow it was good to see everyone a couple days ago!!! I literally couldn’t tell them apart by voices at all, if we were just talking on the phone I would have no idea who was who!!! Honestly I didn’t have much to say.. I would have been good to not skype cause I am just in the missionary mindset and seeing my family was a little weird. But mom would now have been able to do that so…. kinda had to!! That was the longest I will ever go without seeing you guys, 7 months. Only 5 until the next one and then like 6 weeks after that, wow time flies!!.
The package was awesome!! We were up in Taipei for Christmas Eve with all of the missionaries outside of Taipei city, which is just about half. Morning we had lots of trainings and then in the afternoon we had our Christmas lunch which was AMAZING, lots of American food with turkey and mashed potatoes and gravy. That was probably the best part of Christmas for me was eating all of  that food. Then we had a talent show and there was one Elder that had some pretty funny jokes, the best one was,” Did you hear about the shampoo shortage in Jamaica? Its dreadful!!” Haha my companion was like on the ground laughing after that one. Fun day but it was really tiring, got up at like 4 to catch the train and then came back at 10 15 at night.
It is so weird that 2014 is over… I remember when it started like it was yesterday. 2014 is the only full year I have on a mission and now its over, that is crazy!! And I just hit my 18 month mark a couple days ago. The sisters that came in with me are going home this week. What??? I am like, old now. And there is this ‘tradition’ in our mission, I don’t know if other missions have it, but when you hit 18 months you start what is called “sexy in 6” which pretty much means that you work out really hard for the last 6 months, so if you have any good workout plans, I would love to hear them. I just started running for the first time in I think over a year… we play Frisbee every morning so that counts as running, but I started running around the track and finally got to the point where I can run a mile without stopping. Still got a long ways to go….
Last night we had a crazy cool miracle!! We were tracting like way up in the mountains and went to go visit this guy we had contacted like 3 days earlier, he had a lot of potential, saying that he wanted to switch from Buddhism to Christianity. Which you never ever ever ever hear here so it was pretty miraculous to meet him. We went to visit and he said his wife and parents wouldn’t be ok with us meeting and was about to walk inside when his wife came out and then invited us in! They turned out to be really golden and set a baptismal date for February!! We rode like 45 minutes to get to them and he told us no at first and that kinda sucked. But it was cool to see the spirit working on them.
Here we go 2015!!!!! I am pumped, love you all
Elder Mansell

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