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Still down here…

January 11, 2015
Well it was a fun week down here, winding down my time here in Taidong.  Move calls come this week and the transfer meeting is on Friday. I have come to absolutely love this place, the members and the scenery and just everything about it. Church was sad cause I have to leave all of these members that I have gotten to know and love for so long, and then I gotta start it all over again. I remember when I got here I didn’t know a single soul and felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb. Then it turned into my family that fast. Haha I don’t know who is going to play the piano now, I literally played for every single meeting I was in, every baptism, the other branch members know me as the tall one that can play the piano.
We had a super cool miracle yesterday, well it started on tuesday when we were tracting and came across this super cool lady that was really nice and said that she would come to church on sunday, so we got her number and gave her some pamphlets. We would have sat down and had a lesson but she lived by her self so we thought we would just come back later. I had the thought to call her and reinvite her to church on Saturday but I was busy and just forgot. And honestly we come across like 10 people a week that say they will go to church so we didn’t think it was anything.. but then we saw her at church!! Honestly at first I didn’t recognize her, well…. cause Chinese people kinda all look alike.. she came up to us and was like,” Hey! How’s its going?” She knew our names and everything and my companion was like freaking out cause he had never seen her before but she knew our names. Then during the last hour of church it finally hit us that it was her, so after we got out of Priesthood we booked it over to relief society, well just walked the 10 seconds to the other end of the chapel… its that small… anyways, we walked in and all the sisters were just all talking to her and making her feel at home and offering a ride to church next week. It was the coolest thing I have ever seen, I have never seen a branch care for investigators like this one before. I am not worried at all about this place when I leave.
I got the letters from the family last week, and yeah maybe the little bros have gotten taller and deeper voices, but they haven’t changed a BIT since I left. The same if not more cocky than before.. haha good to know they haven’t changed much. Oh and I just got an email from the mission telling me I will be going home a week earlier than originally planned. June 27th, oh snap!!! Pretty much right on the 2 year mark so that is cool. Anyways no more thinking about that! Oh and mom something is wrong with my facebook cause people can’t add me they can only send me a message. So try and fix that oh and we will officially be getting Facebook in February. So that is cool, but I won’t use my own account. Well that is it for the week, I just want to go back to Taipei. I miss that place so much, I called that I would be sent down here so I am going to call going back to Taipei. We’ll see,love you all!!
Elder Mansell

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