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Batman anyone?

25 January 2015
Well everyone it was only 5 days ago when I emailed you and it doesn’t even feel like p-day today. Not too much happened last week, we got to go to the temple and that was always good. Haha we were doing Sealings afterwards and the sealer was a guy in our ward that is also the stake patriarch. Funny guy, we were doing Spanish names in the temple and he was just like, “why in the heck do we have these names in the Taipei temple? And why are they so long? I don’t get this, they are too long I can’t even stand it!” He was just super funny and asking why in the world people have the same name as their dads, and then there is just a line of everyone having the same name, “Well, I guess Chinese culture is just a lot different than everything else, not even close.” Haha that was a funny day.
My companion and I are soooo good together. He actually can play tennis and we are going to play in a couple of minutes. He’s really a hard worker and we are going to get a lot of work done. We had to walk for a couple days cause my bike hadn’t shipped up yet. OH man we walked for so long, all day everyday. But it just got here this morning so we’re all good:)
Oh yeah I figured that I needed to tell this story, even thought my mother won’t be too happy with it- so mom you can just skip to the next paragraph. But we were riding a couple weeks ago over a bridge going pretty fast, about 25 and there was this can in the road and for some reason I always like to run over and smoosh the cans that I see in the road. But this can was a little different, just a  regular coke can but when my tire went over it, the can stuck to the tire and came up around and hit my little plastic rain protector thing that goes around my tire and it got caught and stopped the front tire. That happened in like a tenth of a second and when your front tire just stops, its not going to end up well for you. I literally just flew over my bike handle bars and sprawled on the side on the road, on a bridge about 30 feet over the ground. Hurt pretty bad- I’m not going to lie, but I didn’t break anything, just my pride a little bit. Bike is ok, I can only really picture it looking like that part on Batman when the Joker is driving the big truck and the Batman swings that cord around him like a million times and then it tightens and the truck flips. Yeah, kinda happened like that.
I also got to play some golf last week too.  Either I have gotten a lot stronger or the yard marker on the range was way off cause I was launching those balls like over 250 yards. Pretty sure its cause I got stronger, cause why in the world would anyone doubt a dumpy driving range in Taiwan??? Bring it on Cannon.
Not too much else to talk about, I love the city soo much, oh and we are getting Facebook this week!!!! WOOO Finally, but the downside is that I have to deactivate my personal account to do so. So mom you can just do that today, but honestly so pumped. Finally something to do in the afternoon hours other than talk to all the retired old people that only speak Taiwanese. So pumped!
Oh and I heard that LeBron went back to the Cavaliers and Andy Reid went to the Chiefs????????????? What is wrong with this world?  Everything is changing and I don’t hear any of it on this tiny little island.
 well yeah thats about it, love yall. ping an out
Elder Mansell

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