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March 22, 2015   I am trying to think about big things that happened last week and I can’t think of too many. One pretty cool miracle we had was that we actually found some success from tracting!!! I think in my 18 months in Taibei I have gotten into maybe 10 doors tracting, and […]


March 15, 2015 As you can probably guess from the subject, we had some sink problems last week. We have actually had them for quite a while now.¬† It has just been leaking for like a month and the mission hasn’t gotten anyone to come look at it so we had a member come check […]

March 8, 2015   First of all I want to thank my mom for the most perfect package I have ever gotten!! It was great, nothing better than a bunch of chocolate! Haha. This week didn’t have too many crazy things that happened.¬† It is still really cold here. But when it warms up enough […]

I’m out of subject ideas

So to start off with what is on the top of my mind, I heard that Brighton just lost the State Championship game in Basketball to Layton. I know cause my companion went to Layton and is getting tons of emails from his friends. Man- Brighton just sucks in the finals of everything. Tennis, soccer […]

Gettin’ Hot

February 22, 2015 Well Chinese new year ended yesterday and boy was I glad for that!!! We did save a lot of money and got to eat a lot of cool food, but it kinda sucked for the other 8 hours of trying to proselyte in the equivalent of trying to do it during Christmas […]

It just doesn’t get any better than this!

¬†February 15, 2015 Well, as my subject stated, I don’t think there is anything more satisfying or joy filling in missionary work than seeing a new member make it all the way to the temple and get sealed to his family. It was easily the happiest day of my mission, and probably my life so […]

Breaking the Baptism Bank

February 8, 2015 So first of all, I will start with the good stuff. We got a baptism last week!! The 14 year old kid got dunked!! He had to get dunked 5 times…. but still got it eventually. But everything else was really good!! We used Facebook (see dad it works) and got lots […]