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Breaking the Baptism Bank

February 8, 2015
So first of all, I will start with the good stuff. We got a baptism last week!! The 14 year old kid got dunked!! He had to get dunked 5 times…. but still got it eventually. But everything else was really good!! We used Facebook (see dad it works) and got lots of members to come and there wasn’t even enough room for all of the people that came! And the service lasted well over an hour….. holy cow I almost fell asleep. Overall it was pretty good, oh and the same day Brother Zhang’s kid that was getting baptized as well!! So obviously I had to go to that one as well, and I am going to go to their temple sealing this saturday!! I got President permission and its totally going down!! Pumped.
But honestly this week we did see a ton of miracles, all of our numbers went up this week. We had 2 people come to church that weren’t even on our radar of people that would be coming this week, so that was cool. And probably the coolest one was when we were calling through some less active member’s and came across a 17 year old girl that was willing to meet and set up for the next day, when we met with her she told us she already had a plan to come back to church, and called her friend in another ward asking her to have the missionaries over there call her and meet. But somehow it never got across, and we just happened to call her the day after that happened. So that was a cool miracle as well! We definitely saw the hand of the Lord doing His work here this week, sometimes through us and sometimes just doing it all on His own.
 I can tell the ward is starting to like us a lot, because of the amount of food we get from them on Sunday. There is a direct correlation of like and how much food you get. Because it is not a coincidence that we got TONS of food yesterday just after a baptism. From what my companion told me about how things were when he got here when he opened the area, ward relations have sky rocketed!!  Not much to complain about recently!! Things are going great, well except for the fact that my bike basically broke last week and I had to fork our 80 bucks to fix it, but with the bike luck in my family, I am sure my mom wasn’t too mad at that… and It WASN’T me doing anything stupid, just for the record. Oh and my camera just kinda broke last week as well it almost made it 2 years.
My companion is actually a pretty good tennis player!! We have played for the past 2 p-days and he can hit pretty good. He is a baseball player so he can smack it pretty good. Hahahaha the whole city has a 6 court complex and so everyone goes there to play, well just the old guys. We got there earlier than everyone else, so when they got there nobody knew what to do because there were 2 white guys there they had never seen before. It was soo funny, they have kinda gotten used to us now, we played doubles against 2 of them last week and got smoked. I hate to blame my companion but he has never played doubles before and I hadn’t played for basically 18 months. We beat them the next time though:)
Facebook was good this week, not going to lie, I feel like really lazy when I get off, oh and a couple people tried to add me. Sorry, can’t add people not in my ward, nothing personal:) But I think my picture that I put up a couple days ago was pretty creative, check it out!
And the pictures at the bottom are super funny this week. The baptism one and then try and see the spelling mistake in the second one… or its just the new thing.. I don’t know, you decide:)
Love you all!!
Elder Mansell
IMG_2490[1]-1 copy
IMG_2500[1]-1 copy

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