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Gettin’ Hot

February 22, 2015
Well Chinese new year ended yesterday and boy was I glad for that!!! We did save a lot of money and got to eat a lot of cool food, but it kinda sucked for the other 8 hours of trying to proselyte in the equivalent of trying to do it during Christmas in America. Felt like I was playing “I am Legend” for a week. We did get to meet with most of our investigators last week though. We have 3 that are super good, oh man there is one guy…. I don’t know if I can use adequate words to describe him well enough. He is the mormon.org referral, and the first time he walked into the chapel last week he just stopped and said in English,”This is my HOME!!!!!!!!” and then proceeded to give us high fives and act like a 4 year old on Christmas for the next hour saying how he finally found the right church and wants to follow Christ, we gave him a Book of Mormon and he said that he read it, just GUESS how long it took him to read the whole thing? 3 days. He read the whole dang thing in 3 days!!!! Really wants to read the Doctrine and Covenants now, and always says stuff about the Book of Commandments, he honestly wants to get baptized as fast as he can. A little on the crazy side, not gonna lie. But he does what we tell him to and wants to get baptized, so Brother Wang, welcome home.
We have another guy that is a college student that was a referral from some members in Taibei, and he is super cool, but heard all about the Word of Wisdom and just wants to be an investigator for the rest of his life cause he drinks and likes tea,(Shocker) But we invited him to a meal with a member family that is probably the greatest family I have ever seen. 2 Returned Missionaries just got back about a month ago from New Zealand and Australia, same age as this guy and super cool as well. The mom is the Stake Relief Society President, and the dad was the past Bishop here. Couldn’t ask for a better member family to be there for that lesson. They pretty much just did everything, fixed all of his problems and explained obedience super well, I just kinda sat back and watched. He is going to be baptized on the same day as our friend Brother Wang, who, in the time I have spent writing this email has called me 3 times, he just rants all the time about who knows what, right now he wants us to buy him 3 copies of the Book of Mormon and D and C for who knows why….bless his heart. But they will both be on the 21st of next month.
Our Ward mission leader is really happy with what we have been doing here, we have over 10 progressing investigators, with 2 families that we just got last week. Honestly when I got here, the ward just wanted the Sisters, when honestly I couldn’t have blamed them.  But now they are getting more and more used to us and give us food a lot. I have never been in an area this successful in my 18 months here in Taiwan. My companion and I get along super good, haha we tried a new contacting technique last week since tracting didn’t work, we rented a tandum bike and rode it around the park with one of us riding and the other one passing out tracts. Kinda reminded me of in Transformers 1 when Megan Fox is driving the truck in the end fighting scene with Bumblebee at the back shooting people. Not as cool, but pretty close.
So some Chinese Culture this week is that on the eve of Chinese new year everyone stays in side after night and doesn’t open the door because of the “New year monster” that goes around and eats people. They the next day they all party cause they are still alive and eat with everyone, and let off these CRAZY LOUD fireworks to scare away the monster at about midnight. When those fired off I swear it was like we were in the middle of a battle zone and China had come and was opening up a can on us.  But we lived. And I am going to end it on that.
Elder Mansell

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