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It just doesn’t get any better than this!

 February 15, 2015
Well, as my subject stated, I don’t think there is anything more satisfying or joy filling in missionary work than seeing a new member make it all the way to the temple and get sealed to his family. It was easily the happiest day of my mission, and probably my life so far! We got to watch him go through the whole thing, there was another Elder with my companion and I that was the one that taught Brother Zhang all the lessons, and then he moved out and I came in and baptized him. The Endownment was super cool in Chinese, it was really simple and I pretty much understood all of it. Watching him go through reminded me a lot about my first time, not having a CLUE what was going on and why this and why that. It was so almost unreal to just look at him and be like, ” I am in the temple with a guy that I baptized, someone that I prayed about and worked for for so long, and now look where he is.” Just one of the coolest experiences ever!!! Then the sealing was just one of the spiritual highlights of my life, it is difficult to describe the feelings of watching them kneel across the altar and be sealed for time and all eternity, and then the kids came in and it just got even better!! Honestly just the greatest. Its hard to describe with words. But I think y’all get the idea.
The rest of the week was super good too, we have been getting some seriously good numbers lately.  A standard of excellence in our mission is 20 lessons a week and nobody can even remember the last time anybody got 20 lessons in this area, probably since I was in this district over a year ago, and we got it last week!! Just seeing the Lord do his own work out here, I don’t feel like we are even doing that much, He is just putting us in the right place and giving us the prepared people! We got 2 new families last week, but it will be hard to meet with them because of Chinese New year this week, it starts in 2 days. Pretty much like Christmas in America but times like 5. Everything shuts down for like a full week and everyone stays home and eats all day, then the equivalent of Easter and Christmas Christians on the Buddhist side come out and scrape off the pot that they haven’t used to worship their ancestors for a year, and line the streets just burning paper and waving sticks at some fruit. Gotta love it!!! HAha but we have almost every meal being provided by members. I really like Chinese New year, cause everyone is super nice and they bring out the crazy food that comes out only during this week. IF you don’t remember my last year’s experience, just go watch the video of me eating a 1000 year old egg, and its pretty much like that for a week.
We also got to do a service project with 100 missionaries last week that was super cool. I saw a lot of the Elders that I came on with that I haven’t seen in like forever- like my MTC companion who I literally haven’t talked to in like a year.  That is what happens when you get banished down the rice fields for half a year… but we set up chairs and tables for some homeless charity thing where homeless people can come get free food. We set up tables and chairs for over 10,000 people, and they gave us like 3 hours to do it. HA, they don’t know how fast Mormons can set up tables and chairs! And they wanted us to take a break and rest like every 10 minutes… haha oh Taiwanese people..
We got a really cool mormon.org referral this week from a guy that wants a “Joseph Smith translated bible” We think he meant the Book Of Mormon cause first of all, Chinese doesn’t even have the Joseph Smith Translation cause of some copyright problems, and how good Satan is at what he does… but that is a story for another day, lets just say that the Chinese bible is just really corrupted. And how does this guy even know about the Joaeph Smith Translation in the first place??? So we called and set him up for like 2 days out, and I kid you not he called my over 10 times to make sure I would bring the dang book. About every half hour for a day and then right before we met like 3 more times. Honestly, bro, I will bring the book, you don’t worry about a thing. Turns out he is a little on the crazy side, we set up a return  appointment for last night at the chapel and we had just had another lesson and were running about 10 minutes late, but when he got there the other elders were in a lesson and he just screams at the top of his lungs into the Chapel, “Brother Mansell!!! (He likes calling me Brother, but it sounds better in Chinese so I let him. 孟弟兄!!!!!) and the Elders come out and start talking to him and he was like, “Where is he? The super tall and handsome one” (I am not making this up, you can ask them, but he was dang right at that) and he was freaking the members out and then had to leave right as we were about to get there. Gotta love the crazy people, they add just enough spice to the mix of the people here to make it fun.
There was an Returned Missionary that just got back from Australia last week and gave a KILLER talk, it was soo good. There are 3 in the past year now in our ward, its super fun. Well, I think that was it for the week, I am getting fitted for my new suit here in a few minutes so that is going to be fun, love you all. It was a good valentines day for me!! They won’t ever forget that date. pictures are of us at the temple and me and my MTC comp.
Elder Mansell

One comment on “It just doesn’t get any better than this!

  1. Sounds like great times!!! Kind of wish I was tree in that park to laugh at your two white guys on a bike together!! Way to get creative.

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