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Sick sucks but we got FACEBOOK!

February 1, 2015

So as you can tell by the title of my email, I was pretty sick last week. Couldn’t talk for a couple days, and let me tell you that there aren’t many harder things than trying to speak Chinese when your voice is cracking every other word. Sounds terrible, but I started getting better today, so don’t worry mom, I didn’t have to spend the night at the hospital:)

I think part of the reason I lost my voice is because I translated a specialized training we had last week, it was 7 hours long and I did half of it. We had about 100 missionaries there and me and another Elder did the whole thing, I thought my brain was going to explode by the end. But it was super fun!! In that training we got Facebook!!! Yeah, we each get an hour a day, and have to watch our companion when he does it so we are at the library almost 2 hours everyday. And my profile is public so anyone can go see it and like my stuff (if you read Chinese) but I just can’t add anyone that doesn’t live in my ward boundaries. It is hopefully going to be a good tool, there are a ton of rules like you have to delete all of your friends when  you move that area cause they aren’t in your ward anymore and stuff like that, but it gives s something to do in the afternoon hours!! It is mainly for contacting investigators and posting inspirational stuff for people to see. Honestly I don’t see why we have an hour a day, but hey I ain’t complaining.

We are getting a baptism this week!! it is a member’s son that the sisters started teaching a while back and then they left so he turned into ours. Really solid 14 year old kid that wants to go on a mission in a couple of years so that is cool, I honestly don’t know him too well, only met with him once but he has a lot of friends. Holy cow our ward is SOOO good at being friends with our investigators, I have almost never seen anything this good. They all do their part in fellowshipping all the people that are coming to church. I was really impressed.

I saw Brother Zhang at church on Sunday!!! He told me that he is getting sealed to his family on valentines day!!! And I talked to President about it and he said that he would be totally ok with me going to watch the sealing. WHOOOOOOOOO that is soo cool I am so pumped I’m speechless. He looked so good, and is oldest kid is getting baptized this saturday right before our baptism. You know, I really like this area, everything is really working out just swell!! Haha and our apartment is super fun, its cool having 4 Elders.

We have a lot of investigators that are so close to getting baptized but just can’t seem to get over the hurdle, about 3 of them are soooooooo close!! Please keep them in your prayers, love you all!! PIng an out!!!

Elder Mansell


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