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I’m out of subject ideas

So to start off with what is on the top of my mind, I heard that Brighton just lost the State Championship game in Basketball to Layton. I know cause my companion went to Layton and is getting tons of emails from his friends. Man- Brighton just sucks in the finals of everything. Tennis, soccer and basketball. Come on guys…
Second thing is that happened that was cool is when I called a member in our ward that we didn’t really know to help us teach an investigator, and we normally choose women to do it for the male investigator lessons cause there aren’t any more sisters so they have less of an opportunity and the men are harder to get anyways. But the lady we called was good and  we were waiting for the investigator to show up  she started talking about her mission and I asked where she served. She said Washington D.C., and I was like whoa that’s cool which one, north or south. She said north, then I was getting excited when I asked when she served. 2006 to 2007, and I asked her if President Mansell was her mission president and then she figured out that we were related and she like freaked out, it was funny. She said they were super nice and just loved everyone. Sounds like grandma, but I still have a hard time believing that she said that about grandpa. She obviously didn’t know him too well…. 🙂
We did have a ton of success last week though, like it was the best week I have probably had on my mission so far. We were full of lessons all week, and got 6 investigators to church!! I think I got a total of 6 in my 6 months in Taidong… haha but we have this member referral family that is doing really well. They came to church and the ward did really good with them. The Bishop got up in Priesthood and said, “When was the last time we got this many investigators at church? It’s been a very long time.  The missionaries are doing their part, now its time to do ours. We need a member to be with every investigator the whole time to be their friend and answer all of their questions.” The ward is as excited as we are to be seeing this much success, its fun. Numbers don’t mean that you are being a successful missionary, and aren’t the end-all-be-all, but they definitely do not hurt!!
We had a cool miracle this week, well if you count it a miracle. We were walking down the street, both of us saying how hungry we were, and we started talking to this guy that had a big bucket of KFC in his hand. He didn’t really want to talk to us so his tactic of getting us to stop talking was to give us some of his freshly bought, still warm, fried chicken. He knows how to shut an American up! It was pretty funny, not sure if that counts as a tender mercy, but it was cool nonetheless.
Another cool thing that happened was that there an investigator in Taidong that I found one of my last weeks that got baptized the other week!! She was the first person that I found that ever got baptized…so far. And it was tracting of all things, I didn’t know people even got baptisms from that!! First time for everything.  The funny thing is that she didn’t even seem any different than any other Taiwanese lady when we contacted her. She said she would be coming to church like all the other 20 people we contact that say they will come to church and then don’t- but she did. And she got dunked. Neat story.
Nothing else too special.  We got a new zone leader in our apartment. And he is really loud, from New York. Also in my generation, and we will probably finish up together in this apartment.  I get asked if I’m “trunky”.  I am not really at all, if you define trunky as not wanting to be here- then not at all.  Well that about sums it up for the week.  I did hit a pretty big wall this week with something not related to missionary work because I didn’t get accepted to BYU.  That’s kind of a bummer.  But I guess that the Lord just needs me to go somewhere else. I am not that upset, He’s got a plan. Just gotta trust it. Love y’all
Elder Mansell

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