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March 8, 2015


First of all I want to thank my mom for the most perfect package I have ever gotten!! It was great, nothing better than a bunch of chocolate! Haha.

This week didn’t have too many crazy things that happened.  It is still really cold here. But when it warms up enough for us Utah boys to go out in short sleeves, everyone else is still in their big winter coats, and FREAK OUT when they see us not wearing much and tell us to put some clothes on and go inside cause we are going to get sick.  Literally every one I have contacted at nights or on the street has the same reaction. Man up a little bit people.

We did see some weird stuff this week.  We can only use Facebook at a library or at the church so we were asking people where was a good library close by and they gave us an address and told us it was on the floor above a Buddhist temple. Interesting place for a library. But what was more interesting was that the library was on the third floor  and the second floor had a ping pong club. And oh my goodness you ain’t NEVER seen anyone that can play ping pong that well.  They were going at it hard too. Totally sweating and super serious.  I would have gotten smoked by these guys and I have never really lost to another missionary. It was probably the training grounds for the ping pong Olympics.  We are definitely going there this afternoon.  There is no way I could pass up this one!

Not much change in our investigators status lately, they are all just kind of sitting still, which is a little hard sometimes. You can tell which ones are closest to baptism cause Satan pushes really hard on them, like getting sick or having family problems. Nobody extremely close to baptism right now but a couple are on the radar for the end of the month. Keep praying for them!!

There is an Elder in my district that told me that he saw my blog online before his mission and it was the best one to read. I’ve gotta give credit to mom for adding whatever she does to my emails to make them interesting cause I feel like I don’t do a very good job. That is about it for the week, love you all!!

Elder Mansell


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