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March 22, 2015


I am trying to think about big things that happened last week and I can’t think of too many. One pretty cool miracle we had was that we actually found some success from tracting!!! I think in my 18 months in Taibei I have gotten into maybe 10 doors tracting, and only a couple of them actually listened and invited us back. So that’s a pretty good miracle to me! And it happened right after we had one of our investigator families broke up with us and another one called us and told us to stop meeting with him. It was a little hard to stay positive that day, but we kept our spirits up and went tracting, and that is when we found the success. Attitude really is everything.

The one that called us and told us to stop meeting with him was our boy Brother Wang, the mormon.org referral, he just can’t find a job that doesn’t make him work on Sunday so he told us to not meet with him until he can find another job. Then the next day he calls me and says that he can come to church!! So now he can come every week and will probably be getting baptized next week maybe, still trying to figure out all of the details.

Our ward here is interesting, sooo much different than Taidong. I might have told you this before but its just a lot more serious than they are down south. Nobody really cracks jokes in church and when they do, nobody laughs. Its good on one aspect that they are all really good professional members that know the doctrine better than I have ever seen. But I am just not the really serious type of person, as everyone that knows me knows that clearly. So I have been working on getting some firesides and potlucks to get the members to lighten up a little bit.  They are super good at doing activities down in Taidong and we need to duplicate that here in Taibei.  We had an activity last week and it was the first one of the year here. It was a fireside targeting missionary work. We were planning on doing a 45 minute training but our Ward Mission leader called an audible right before it started and just did it all. It was super successful.

We had a Zone Conference last week, pretty much just a 8 hour meeting that was only really fun cause Elder Monteirth and I got to translate it. He is like my best mission friend,  we came on together and have pretty much been around each other our entire missions. Translating is always really fun but your head just hurts afterwards. And you can’t really take notes at all. But it was the whole day and then we had English Class so you can’t really complain 🙂

Yeah that is about it for the week.  It looks like it is going to rain again all this week too, yipee!!! Ping an out!

Elder Mansell




This is why mom made me get new shirts…..



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