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March 15, 2015
As you can probably guess from the subject, we had some sink problems last week. We have actually had them for quite a while now.  It has just been leaking for like a month and the mission hasn’t gotten anyone to come look at it so we had a member come check it out, and actually broke it more before he realized that he needed to replace the whole thing. So how we fixed it temporarily is in the picture at the end of the email. Needless to say, it was pretty genius,putting our 4 teenage brains together, and it worked!
Last week was honestly not that good, lots of things just went wrong. Satan threw everything he had at us again, except for the kitchen sink. And believe me, he would have thrown it if we had one but we didn’t cause it was getting fixed. So HA! But  over half of our investigators got sick last week and almost all of them had to cancel for one reason or another. We had hours and hours of finding with pretty much no results. Pretty frustrating week, not going to lie. Next week has good prospects cause we still have most of those investigators and will hopefully all be able to meet, but it was just one of those weeks.
Haha so Dad, there is this member in my ward that goes to Utah a lot and told me that he is trying to find a house out there.  I think its over in West Jordan. I told him that my dad sells houses and he was super excited to hear that, I gave him your number and he will be going to Utah at the end of the month. No big deal, just doing some business for you all the way on the other side of the world. But I do expect at least 2% of what ever you get from him cause you would have gotten nothing without me. Don’t worry, I got your back.
Not much else from this week.   Well, we hope that it won’t rain so much  next week! This week was crazy, and Taiwanese people don’t really like rain..like at all, they just stay inside and wait it out. And they live on a tropical island… nobody knows. Love you all!!
Elder Mansell

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