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I can’t escape it!

28 April 2015 So today we have our temple day, that is why I am emailing on Wednesday. Its my last temple day! Wow that is a sad thought, anyways… Today we got up really early to go hike a mountain with our district. It was sooo cool.  It was the mountain right next to […]

Sooo busy!

April 19th   Wow it was a busy week last week! We started to really build up the area up here. I still can’t believe I am serving here right now. Downtown Taipei is really my dream area, and I have to pinch myself multiple times throughout the day cause I think I am in […]

Dream Come True!

So as you can tell from the subject, I had a pretty good week last week. It started with the move call that I got. Everyone thought my companion would be moving cause he was there forever. But I moved. And I moved to my absolute dream area!!!! It is downtown Taipei right next to […]

Heating up!

April 5, 2015 It is heating up over here in Taiwan!! Summer hit fast. 1 week and its up to over 30 degrees Celsius and probably 120% humidity at the least. Its like getting hit in the face with a water balloon right as you walk out the door. But it is honestly one of […]

March 29, 2015 Well I got a lot to talk about this week! Most of it isn’t on the good side but hey, you take what you can get. This first story needs a little bit of background. Before my misson my dad told me that I would have investigators that would feel the truthfulness […]