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March 29, 2015

Well I got a lot to talk about this week! Most of it isn’t on the good side but hey, you take what you can get. This first story needs a little bit of background. Before my misson my dad told me that I would have investigators that would feel the truthfulness of our message and still choose to not accept it, and I honestly didn’t believe him. But, we had one this week break up with us. She was so set on getting baptized, but had some family opposition. She lived with her boyfriend of 12 years, yes, boyfriend of 12 years who didn’t want her to get baptized or to marry her.  She had to get married or move out in order to join the church. She told us that during chinese new year that she would talk to their parents about it and get back to us. About a week after she sent us a message saying that something happened and she needed some time to think about it.   She didn’t tell us what it was, so we gave her a couple of weeks and got the Relief Society sisters on her. After those couple of weeks we started calling her again and she would just never answer. She finally sent us a text that basically said that she had too much family opposition and was going to stop coming to church. She KNOWS its true, but just can’t make that last step. So sad… but I did my part, so that makes me feel a little better.

Speaking of investigators not answering the phone, I swear our phone has some type of disease that makes it so anyone we call doesn’t answer the phone. Its getting a little bit ridiculous! None of our investigators are making much progress.  I related our success lately to rowing a boat with only one oar, just going in circles.  We are getting good enough numbers so that our leaders aren’t following up like crazy, but its a little tough. We’ll push through it though.

Since we had a lot of finding this week, we tried a contacting technique called “Nephite Contacting.”   Normally when you are finding you plan out every street you are going to go to, and  spend about half an hour to an hour just on that street. But this method is where you don’t plan any streets at all, and just go, hoping the Spirit is going to guide us to the prepared people. Takes a lot of faith. I don’t do it too much but sometimes just a mix up every once in a while it’s worth a shot. Cause technically that isn’t the way you are normally supposed to do it, but I have heard of some crazy miracles doing it.

A good thing this week is that in one day we had 3 members feed us. I was on exchanges and got one for an early dinner, not knowing that that day we would have an investigator feed us at 5 and then 2 recent convert’s would be feeding us at 6. I was sooooo done with life when we walked out of that last one at 7. That day I had a whole pizza, cold stone ice cream, bunch of bread, and a ton of Thai food. Needless to say, missionary work wasn’t the greatest after that one.  I was so full I couldn’t even ride my bike.

One thing about me that doesn’t really work too well with missionary work is that I expect perfection from myself. It’s good on the side of always trying to do better, but not so good at always falling short of expectations I set for myself. Definitely something you need to change coming out on a mission cause you make a ton of mistakes.   I don’t know how its even possible to be a successful missionary sometimes. Just gotta keep trying. Well, love you all!!

Elder Mansell






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