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Sooo busy!

April 19th


Wow it was a busy week last week! We started to really build up the area up here. I still can’t believe I am serving here right now. Downtown Taipei is really my dream area, and I have to pinch myself multiple times throughout the day cause I think I am in a dream. You might just have to force me on that plane in a couple months cause I am not going to want to leave here anytime soon!!!
The ward here is better than I ever imagined it would be. Its the oldest ward in Taiwan so its the most experienced, and they know their stuff. We met with our Ward Mission  leader on Sunday and he told us all about his plans and what not for the ward and how they have not lost a single recent convert in the past 3 years, which is absolutely amazing considering that most new members will go less-active within a couple years of baptism. Most of them come back, well some of them.. but still, the ward here just does what it is supposed to do and we are seeing a ton of success. Couldn’t be happier! They also don’t want us to call the brothers in the ward when we need a member to come with us to visit a woman. We are supposed to call the Elders Quorum president and he will find the brother to go with us, so we really don’t do anything and they will just show up when we call. I was almost speechless when he said that!!  I have never been anywhere where they do anything even close to this. Again, you might just have to force me on that plane!!
We hit the streets a lot this past week, and found some really good new investigators. Most of the people that we talk to don’t live in my area, they come here to work from all over Taipei so we give out referrals like its our day job over here:) We did get 2 of the people that we found to come to church yesterday! And we set dates with both of them, super golden ladies. one was actually a referral that said she really likes the members of this church and has some friends that are members and they are all really good people. So she asked to be baptized before we even got around to inviting her! She is set for the first week of May, and the other lady is a really cool miracle that was actually found right before I got here. She is a Christian that left her other church cause she didn’t think it was in accordance with the bible, and that a church needed a prophet. She was praying for 20 years to find a church that has prophets. Well, she came to the right one!!! She is set for the second week in May. Both are really solid.
I went on exchanges with Elder J last week! He just moved in whitewhashing and training so I went with him in his area. And oh my heck I have never seen anyone work like him before. He took “Talk with everyone” to the max. It was soo cool to see, just super bold and loving with everyone. We found a couple good people. And another funny thing is that his trainer is my companion. At the end he told me about all the things he learned from me and I was just thinking,”What? I am the only one learning from this exchange.” It was a really humbling experience for me. I also got to go with Elder G, he was in my MTC district. He is the first one from my MTC district that I have been on exchanges with on my mission. It was cool catching up on old times.
We have the Asia area president coming to do a mission tour tomorrow, it should be a cool experience. We have a full day of trainings. Gotta love it!! Love y’all!!
Elder Mansell

One comment on “Sooo busy!

  1. nice work buddy!! Keep having fun its almost over and then back to the real work and ALL the Mormons!!!! hahaha

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