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Dream Come True!

So as you can tell from the subject, I had a pretty good week last week. It started with the move call that I got. Everyone thought my companion would be moving cause he was there forever. But I moved. And I moved to my absolute dream area!!!! It is downtown Taipei right next to the mission home, called the Jinhua ward. It is right in the middle of everything, all the best food and attractions are here! I had 2 areas on my mission that I really wanted to go to, Taidong and here. And I got both!!! Such a blessing. I can’t even begin to explain how big of a blessing it is to serve here. The ward is awesome.  It’s really big.  My companion and I are actually whitewashing the area, which is kind of what I did in my last area as well. He got here a week before I did and was in a tri-panionship with the other elders that were going home in a week and then I came in.  Neither of us know any of the members or the area at all, so its going to be pretty fun. We have gotten lost a couple times already.  My companions name is Elder V from Arizona. He’s been out just over a year and is a really hard working and super funny guy. Looks super similar to Brad Pitt, not going to lie, its a little creepy the similarity. Nevertheless he is a great guy, loves to have fun and we are going to get work done!
I actually don’t really know what else to put for this week.   We have been doing some serious cleaning here cause the other Elders left a ton of stuff and the apartment honestly smelled like a men’s locker room. But looked a lot dirtier.  It is actually a really tiny apartment that still probably costs more than a 3 story house in America cause we are in downtown Taipei. No rooms, just a big living room where we eat sleep and study and not much space to put anything.
Well, that about sums up the past few days here in Taipei.  I’m going to end my mission really busy around here, which is the best way to do it. Honestly no time to even think about home. I would actually stay here longer if I could. Love yall!
Elder Mansell

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