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I can’t escape it!

28 April 2015
So today we have our temple day, that is why I am emailing on Wednesday. Its my last temple day! Wow that is a sad thought, anyways… Today we got up really early to go hike a mountain with our district. It was sooo cool.  It was the mountain right next to 101, where you see all of the cool pictures of Taibei. I got some good ones- it is such a cool place! But the smog was really bad this morning and we couldn’t even see like half of the city. Weird to think that I just live right in the middle of all of that stuff.
Last week we had the mission tour with Elder Gong! It was really good.  He is the Asia Area President, which covers over half of the worlds’ population. He had a meeting with all of the leaders before the training started and it was a little scary cause I was sitting right in the middle with him about 2 feet in front of me and I had to give the opening prayer, O-O.
There was a BYU thing at the chapel this week and there were a bunch of white people there.  When we were going to lunch and walked by a white dude I just said “Hi.”  We stopped and started talking to him. When he asked where I was from and I said Sandy and he was like ,”Brighton or Alta?” Which means this guy is probably from Sandy too. I said Brighton and he looked at my name tag and just GUESS what he said. “You are Darren’s kid, right?” Of course I would run into someone that Dad and Grandpa know for like the third time all the way across the world. I seriously cannot get away from it!
We had some super cool miracles lately.  It seems like they have just been coming like crazy. We are still having to hit the streets like all day- everyday but our teaching pool is getting better. We keep on finding so many cool people!  Our pool right now isn’t too big but neither my companion or I have ever seen such a “stacked” teaching pool. They are all super solid.  Our investigators from last week are still just ‘wow’ing all of the members that come with us. They all say that they are super ready. We honestly have just been blessed recently. Its still super tough work, nothing is falling in our laps I can tell you that much, but so rewarding!
There were 2 funny experiences we had last week. One was with a new member.  I was introducing myself to her and told her that I was from Utah, and she went off on this rant about how 100% of people that live in Utah are Mormons. And she has lived in America for 29 years. But even when the member was trying to be nice about it saying that it wasn’t really that high, she was like, ” No its 100%, I promise you” bless her heart. The other one was when we were contacting on exchanges, I was with a trainee when I started talking to this guy and he was like,” I already know everything about all the churches, I have lots of experience and am already going to be a god when I die. So you don’t need to worry about me.” I honestly just busted out laughing and Elder B, who has only been here for a week was like,”dude what did he say?” I didn’t really know where to go after that one.  I can honestly say that I have never gotten that one before.
That about sums up the week over here! Love y’all
Elder Mansell

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