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Hey- I just saw you…

May 10, 2015-  Mother’s Day!!
This kinda feels weird emailing ya’ll cause I just skyped like an hour ago! haha but I seriously cannot tell the other kids apart from their voices. They still all look like posers, which hasn’t ever changed! haha, but it was a super good week last week! We are still hitting the streets every day, but just coming across so many prepared people everyday! Most of them honestly don’t live in my area, only about 20% of the people we talk to live here, everyone just comes up here to work, so I give out referrals like its my day job. But the ones that live here are super good!
One we found last week was a guy who lived in America when he was a kid, so we taught him in English. Which was really weird and I found myself just translating everything I say in Chinese back in to English at first. Then I figured out how to freaking talk, and it went really well. So many people have questions that we can answer, but we just have a weird rep around here that makes people not want to talk to us, cause they “already know”.  Oh man that one drives me crazy, cause if you really knew then you would already be a member of this church, so obviously you know nothing. But we rarely get those people anymore here in downtown.
There is a talk, well its a letter, that was written about missionary work that I read last week that honestly changed my view about a mission. Its called “The Riccardi Letter” and it is so good! Its about a guy writing his friend who is the MTC about his mission, and he shares a story about how when he was about 8 months in he hit a really tough spot, hard area and nobody listening. He would be super diligent in following promptings to go tract in a specific neighborhood and then just get really depressed because he was being rejected by everyone. He sort of wondered why he was even here, why all the bad missionaries get baptisms and the ones that work hard do so much for so little success, and he was praying about it one day, and really let Got have it. He was angry at Him for doing this to him, and the answer he got was profound. He said it came to him just as clearly as one man talks to another, and He said “Elder, I know all the names and addresses of every prepared soul in you area, every single one of them. And I sent you to those tougher neighborhoods cause I was testing you, to see if I could really trust you. I could just send you to those prepared people only, but what good would that serve you??? You are here to serve me, to do what you are told and forget about yourself. That is why you are here, and if you do so, I will bless you.” That wasn’t word for word, but you get the meaning. I think that is one of the greatest lessons to learn on a mission, and was probably the most profound that I have learned after reading this. Cause sometimes I would be confused about why I got the prompting to talk to someone, and they reject you. But now I know why, and it has made all the difference, and honestly totally changed my view on missionary work.
I would just like to thank my amazing mother for everything that you do! Happy mothers day, I hope it was a good one, topped off by the best part, seeing me!:D
We have a baptism this week! Sister L, she is super golden, just loves us and is super willing to follow all the commandments, probably the easiest road to baptism that I have ever seen, no problems. We are pumped, see ya next week! Ping an out (now you finally get what that means;)  (Peace out)
Elder Mansell

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