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I hate rain

May 24, 2015
As you can tell by the subject, it rained nonstop last week. My shoes are finally dry after a solid few days of being soaked all day every day! And when it comes down here, believe me it pours. And how it comes down is super cool, the sky will get really dark all of a sudden and it will start to sprinkle, and at that point you have roughly 5 seconds to find some cover before it just comes down! And then it will stop 5 minutes later, have never seen rain like it before, but this week should be pretty good weather.
Recently I have been using the term ‘hitting the streets’ when talking about finding here, and just the work in general. We have been hitting them pretty good in the past couple weeks and I think they were a little sick of being hit by us so much and, with a little help from Satan, came back and kinda slapped us in the face last week. Yep that is about how it went, we had 6 or 7 appointments fall through, and a lot of people not answer the phone, but we do still have a good amount of people planning to get baptized, we have one this weekend! We might have 2, but the other will probably be moved back to next week. As of right now, we have at least 3 planned to get baptized on my last Sunday here. How cool would that be??? Everyone should definitely be praying for that:)
We did find a family last week! We actually contacted them a couple weeks ago and they were busy until last saturday when we went over, and they are super cool! Mom is a flight attendant, and the dad is a stay at home dad, with a 9 year old kid. I have only seen 2 or 3 other stay at home dads here in Taiwan because the culture here really is against the dad not making the money.  They are set for the 21st, my last Sunday.
I have been feeling really sentimental recently, just kind of realizing now what I am going to miss about this place. Yesterday, it was singing the hymns in Chinese and realizing just how weird those sounds seem to everyone that can’t understand what it means.The generation above me just left, so now I am the oldest in the mission, its weird, but I honestly just try not to think of it too much. There were some members that came to the chapel from Utah the other day and as we were talking to them, they asked me how much longer I had left. I said just over a month, and one of them was like,”You getting trunky yet??” For those of you who don’t really know what trunky means, its kind of like homesick, just ready to be done and go home. I was thinking about it, and I got all the time in the world to be trunky when I go home, actually I have the rest of my life to be trunky. But do I have the rest of my life to serve a mission, and be able to completely forget myself in the service of the Lord? Nope. That time is limited, and yeah it is fun sometimes to think of what you are going to do when you go home, but honestly I was a lot trunkier at earlier times in my mission. But the longer you are here, the harder it is to leave, and it is going to be one bitter sweet experience. It really is so hard to focus as the end comes near, but that is when it counts the most. so I would appreciate some prayers from y’all, and that is about it. Ping an out (haha now you finally know what it means!!!)
Elder Mansell

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