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Lighting it up!

May 3, 2015
Well it was only 5 days ago that I emailed… not too much happened since then. I did get to go on exchanges with Elder K, who could count as like my half son cause I was in a tri-companionship with him when he was in training. It was super fun, he is in the area that has the 101 in it, which is right next to my area. Really cool area.
Our investigators are all still doing good, one is getting her interview this week and should be getting baptized next Sunday if everything goes to plan. We have set a ton of new dates with people recently. Our teaching pool is getting pretty big. It’s neat to see how the area kinda sucked when we first got here, and now it is lighting up! I guess it really is a testimony to working hard and seeing the miracles. Because we control the input and He controls the output, 100%. If He sees us really trying to bring souls closer to Him, then he will give us those people that He has prepared to accept the Gospel cause He trusts you. During a mission, you not only learn to trust God, but He is learning to trust you. Super happy with the work we are doing here.
Not any funny stories from last week, we just got fed at an AMAZING meal all you can eat  hot pot place, if you don’t know what hot pot is, it’s just a bunch of meat and vegetables that you cook in a pot right in front of you. I honestly don’t normally like them cause they are a little expensive for not a lot of food, but this one was all you can eat meat, seafood, fruit and anything else you can stuff in a little pot. Oh my heavens, it was glorious.
Well there actually was a funny story now that I think of it….Every morning for exercise we play frisbee with the district, about 12 people. Yeah, its a huge district, but today it was really muddy with a lot of puddles. And me and my companion were going up for a frisbee right over a puddle, and we came down and both started to slip and fall, so we grabbed on to each other to keep from falling and tried to run out of it, but just ended up just both getting destroyed by mud and everyone else was pretty much on the ground as well… but that was from laughing as they watched us. Not my best moment.
That is about all I can think of, short week. Love you all!
Elder Mansell

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