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Out of ideas for a dang subject. This is the hardest part of the email, is choosing a subject!!

June 1, 2015

It was a great week here in the hottest freaking island in the world! And it’s only going to get hotter as well.
 I guess I can start off with a huge coincidence/miracle that we had last week. Being on my mission, I no longer believe in coincidences. There is no way they exist. so this story goes back a couple of weeks ago when the sisters called us and told us to get to the church really fast cause there is someone that really wants to learn about the gospel walking around the temple grounds and they don’t have time to talk to her cause they had a dinner appointment. First of all, you can be a few minutes late to a dinner with a member, they will understand. And second, you could have at least gotten her number, but they did neither. So we rode about 20 minutes to the chapel only to find out that she had already left. We were pretty ticked at the sisters and we were just like,”Well if she is really prepared then she will show up again.” And last Monday we had a lesson but he didn’t show up, so were were praying about where to go (normally we set backup plans in the Daily Preparation Session the day before, but we are really busy following up and reporting on Sunday that we have no time to plan for that) and we were choosing between 2 parks and I had the slightest feeling to go to what we call the “big park” We have 3 parks in our area, the big, middle and small park. So we went there and I was thinking,”There probably isn’t someone really prepared here cause I didn’t get the really strong prompting, only just a tiny one. But we will go anyways.” And I kid you not, before we could even get off our bikes when we got there, some lady came up to me and said that she wants to talk to me. So we park and go talk with her, and she is pretty good, really wants to know more about our church. About 10 minutes later she tells us a story about how a few weeks ago she actually went to the temple, and came across 2 sisters that talked to her for a few minutes and then had to leave and others will be here soon. But she had to leave and kind of forgot about it. As she was telling us this my jaw literally dropped to the ground and I was thinking, “you have GOT to be kidding me?????? We actually found her!!??!!??” My companion and I just looked at each other and were speechless. She doesn’t have time until July… so I won’t get to see the fruit of those labors.. But how cool is that?? Our area has over 1 million people in it and we found her.
That was easily the best part of the week, cause after that it was just full of people cancelling on us. Some of our investigators are starting to fall off, but we still have a couple that are hanging on.
But we did have a baptism yesterday!! I had the privileged of performing the ordinance, and it went really smooth, didn’t even have to do it more than once!!! haha that is a miracle in it of itself. She really was just another gift put right in to our laps. Both from May we really didn’t even have to do too much for. Gotta be grateful for that one!
Wow its already June!! My favorite month of the year!!!! and my birthday is in a week, wow sooo much good is going to happen this month! Love yall Ping an out!!
Elder Mansell

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