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I hate socialized medicine!

June 7, 2015


I felt like it was a really good week last week, we saw a lot of success. Probably the coolest part was going to the temple with the 2 Recent Converts that we have here!! Every month on the first thursday night there is a Recent Convert temple night, and we got both of them to go, it was super fun.  I did the confirmations, and we were doing some names and then all of a sudden the guy doing it looked at the name and his eyes got really big and went and showed the name to the member of the temple presidency and then came back and told me that we just confirmed Buddha a member of the church. WHAAA???? Like the one and only, well in English there are a lot of people named that, but his name in Chinese is how you know which one he really is. So that was pretty dang cool, ya don’t get that every day in the temple. ha.
We also had to go to the hospital on Friday cause I had the one-two punch of an ingrown toenail and athletes foot. Yeah weird, I have never gotten it before in my life, but it isn’t too bad. I have some cream stuff and its already going away, but my companion had to get his shoulder checked out cause his right one is a lot lower than his left one, like significantly so we went to get an xray, and his collarbone literally had a V in it, like no joke it looked pretty serious. But the doctor just said,” Ya know, I don’t see anything wrong, I think its just a problem with your posture.” I just sat there thinking, did this guy see the same picture I saw?? Cause I ain’t no doctor but that doesn’t look right to me. And we had to wait 4 hours to see that dang doctor. 4 HOURS, it was brutal. Hence why I hate socialized medicare.
Umm right now we only have 1 more guy who could be baptized before I leave, I actually found him a couple weeks ago and he has been to church 2 times and only has a smoking problem.  But pray for him.  Everyone else kinda dropped off for a couple weeks and some came back and are still progressing but can’t get baptized before I leave. Its weird that I can’t see people that I contact now get baptized, but that doesn’t  mean that I don’t have the responsibility to still teach them!! Man I am getting sooo tired though, its ridiculous. President Day gave me an invite in my last interview that they should have to pull me off the plane in a stretcher. And I am getting close… haha but mom would literally die so I don’ think I will do that:) Love y’all!!
Elder Mansell

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